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Could We Create a Business Together?



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    JeffJeff subscriber Posts: 1

    JWD wrote:

    Here is an easy idea we can all participate in.
    We collectively write an ebook, "Insider Secrets from StartupNation Members." (Assuming Jeff lets us use his named trademark). the ebook can be compiled and sold on the SuN web site, all of our  collective web sites, Amazon and any of our extended sites. We can each use our own viral networks to promote.
    Anyone who has a "secret" they have learned can participate. All proceeds can be used to help fund the next "bigger " idea the group starts"
    Could be fun, helpful, and generate some start up money or fund grants ,scholarships or other help for entrepreneurs.

    this is an interesting idea....someone would need to spearhead the organization of the ideas and thoughts that would go into the book. What do you envision the price point to be for such a publication?
    Are you capable of taking the lead?
    I have staff who could handle the organization and editing of the book (we publish an 82 page magazine every month).
    If it is an ebook we could price from $5 to $10 and make it very affordable.
    I would be happy to take the lead if you would sell it on your site.

    This seems like it hast merit, especially if you`re willing to take the lead and you have the staff available to do the writing. What would you propose more specifically as the outline (table of contents) for the book?
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    CreativeGalCreativeGal subscriber Posts: 2
    I love the book idea!  What kind of topics and can we all participate?
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    EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    First let me tell you that I have a great deal of respect for your efforts and abilities. I think your desire to establish the title thread posts were a fantastic example of taking initiative. I only think that it was premature as we were heading into an elective process that will lead to an organized effort through a duly elected individual. 
    I apologize for the exasperation that came across in my earlier post. I saw a great effort made by you but my frustration arose in that such gathering of information will be best achieved through organization and structure.  Only one thing must be considered at this moment.

    Who is going to be elected Point Leader.
    Soon to follow after that election will a collection of business ideas by the Point Leader. That will lead to another vote and then an organized business with the managment structure for that business. I can see you in one of those management positions. Your contributions continue to have my respect and I wish you nothing but the best. I hope we can continue forward and really make this thing start to hum.
    Respectfully,    ~Eric
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    Since he joined the StartupNation community back in April, I have
    appreciated Eric`s intelligence and sense of humor. I am, however, even
    more impressed by his recently demonstrated leadership qualities and
    the rare ability to diplomatically focus the energy of... shall we
    say... overly exuberant team members.

    I nominate Eric,
    A diplomatic leader,
    to be our Point Man

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    JWDJWD subscriber Posts: 0
    I am new to your site but it seems the best way to put the book together would be chapters based on key areas of your site. Certainly those were the ones that attracted the community in the first place. For example, part 1. could be how to start your business. Part 2, How to grow your business.each would then have sub chapters to it.
    A good format for this type of book is the "Chicken Soup" books model. Every person that is part of the StartUpNation could be invited to submit their best "secret" in each catagory we offer.   In the end you have a book of hundreds of "Inside Secrets" that we could all profit form, maybe sell some, and all contributors could be part of a published book. The community creates a community book thast helps the members of the community. It might also make money because the overhead is low.
    Let me know what you need and if you will sell on Startupnation.com
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    nicknantonnicknanton subscriber Posts: 0
    Wow, I`m new to startup nation and this sure is a busy thread!I would certainly be willing to send in my best secret.  I really like this idea. I think everyone should focus on ideas like this in their business, you can put in some time to spill all you know on a topic once and you can continue to reap the benefits of it for years to come. Sell copies while you sleep!
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    EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    Mike,  Great point. Security is a valid concern. One which should be handled with great care.
    Nobody should openly discuss the details of a novel business idea on this forum Especially if they feel it would compromise the business or release confidential and proprietary information.
    Anyone with a business concept should establish direct contact (private message or email) with the elected Point Leader and issue a brief conceptual summary of their business idea. The Point Leader will, in turn, prior to release of a concept summary, have the concept provider approve the release. 
     All approved concepts will then be released for open review by project members and a reasonable deadline for business concept will be voted on and elections for management positions will follow.
    After the management positions are filled, they must consider a secure forum for the exchange of information. Perhaps SuN can facilitate this. It would be nice if we could all stay close to our "home"
    Many thanks to those who nominated me earlier for the Point Leader position. If there are no objections to my participation I will accept the nomination.
    Voting will continue through the work week until the evening of Friday, November 3.  
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi All
    I agree re security.
    This is one reason I have not said much here as yet as what is said here is available to the world.
    My first suggestion would be we develop our own secure hidden Intranet and Extranet product and run this as if it were a company where everyone was in the same office.
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intranet</A>
    But to do this we have to elect a leader of the first stage and then we have the problem of that person getting information and idea overload.
    Someone should be appointed point leader and he/she will most likely  need assistants to screen the expected overload of communications from the team.
    But first we need a secure environment. I do not believe this can be done on startup nation server.
    Down the track in a secure environment we can discuss the legal and company structure.
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    All these details can be worked out by the Point with assistance as
    needed from the rest of the group, however since some discussions here
    seem to take
    on a life of their own, I`d like to say that the staff of StartupNation
    have demonstrated themselves to be very capable. I`ve heard Rich
    discuss the benefits of an extranet, so I`m sure they have that
    capability. It all depends on how much staff effort and server capacity
    they are willing to commit to a separate venture. Until these details
    are worked out all confidential communication should be off forum.
    Personally I`m dying to hear Eric`s great business idea.

    Anyway, we have a ton of options and plenty of people available who know how to make them all happen. Let`s not worry about this detail right now.

    Steve2006-10-30 6:45:36
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    CreativeGalCreativeGal subscriber Posts: 2
    Just wanted to remind everyone of the Point Leader Poll, Vote Now!
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    TheDebtEliminatorTheDebtEliminator subscriber Posts: 0
    I have been reading and watching this group sort out their thoughts and start to develop a direction.  There are many possibilities through which products can be moved.  Once the team has settled on the direction, one structure for building a distribution system is through the use of direct sales empowered through a network or override environment where the growth of the movement of product can be enhanced with the support and power of the internet.
    For instance, I currently have a business that was developed to survice an $11 trillion market.  That market is the $11 trillion in consumer debt that needs to be eliminated.  If you can do that without changing a person`s lifestyle, you save thousand of dollars in interest.  We teach a New Way of Thinking with new methodolgies and systems for handling money.
    To facilitate this process I have developed a virtual company for the processing or distribution of our Mortgage/Debt Reduction Plan or M/DRP.
    I bring this up because this same virtual office structure used for M/DRP distribution can be used for other products, concepts or ideas that can be distributed through the tremendous process of word of mouth and team building.  Keep thinking outside of the box.  Don`t limit the possibilities to just the internet.  The internet is the backbone, but it allows us to go beyond even its boundaries.
    Our virtual office allows us to process, collect money and distribute money to the producers in an almost hands off system.  It is a system like nothing I have seen before in the ability to track production and processes and to allow the company to grow without walls.  This type of a structure sounds like the structure that needs to be implemented in order to process, track, pay, distribute, etc. and to have an ever expanding business without overhead costs associated with a centralized company, yet as well connected as if everyone is working in the same building.  It does not matter as to location of personnel, etc.
    When we come to the point we are truly talking about distribution, we can consider the applicability of a product or products that would lend themselves to this type of envirnoment.  I would then be happy to help set up a virtual office with unlimited capacity for team building, distribution, processing, collection of dollars, distribution of money, etc.
    Keep it up - it is headed in the direction that can have tremendous results.
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    BjsEsqBjsEsq subscriber Posts: 0
    The quote is only partially right.  Nevada has made great efforts
    to become the  "Delaware of the West" .  Delaware is
    historically very friendly to businesses and Nevada`s recent (past 10
    years) legislation has brought it up to par with many of Delaware`s
    statutes.  The additional challenge/benefit is that there is
    little to no case law interpreting the recent Nevada legislation so it
    is difficult to predict what happens if an entity is sued.  The
    benefit is that the statute is open to interpretation, particularly a
    pro-business interpretation.  The key is to really understand what
    you want and the mechanism used to get there.

    Additionally, there are other advantages to an LLC above and beyond the
    tax structure.  For example, an S corp and an LLC can both have a
    pass-through tax structure, but the S corp has limits on both the
    number of shareholders and the citizenship of shareholders.  There
    are also privacy benefits (at least in Nevada) depending on whether you
    pick a manager-managed or member-managed.

    The bottom line is to understand where you want to go and to understand the mechanism of getting there.
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I keep returning to this thread from time to time... when the part of taking action begins... It seems you are all reaching that point. So, from seeing the pole (and taking) it comes to mind that if we are voting for leaders, we should probably begin talking about how you qualify to become a part of this project.There are so many successful people here, I hope my experiences will be of a level to be included. One thing`s for sure... I want to participate.To the cadidates... Good Luck!
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