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Could We Create a Business Together?



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    bjflanaganbjflanagan subscriber Posts: 0

    Has anyone been paying attention to the legislation coming forth to tier internet access on a "subscription basis"?  There is a strong lobby for this and it deals not only with tiered pricing for speed, but for access, simliar to cable and sattelite subscriptions now.

    I saw a TV program on this topic.
    Herewith my fair and balanced assessment:
    The people fighting the tier system tend to be erudite, impartial and informed.
    Those in favor are flacks, hacks and flunkies for fat cats. They disport, I deride.
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    bjflanaganbjflanagan subscriber Posts: 0

    Has anyone been paying attention to the legislation coming forth to tier internet access on a "subscription basis"?  There is a strong lobby for this and it deals not only with tiered pricing for speed, but for access, simliar to cable and sattelite subscriptions now.

    The major problem with the tier approach is that it would lead to a few bloated players owning the net, akin to the current situation in big media.
    Think of what Clear Channel has done to radio, e.g. (The horror!)bjflanagan2006-11-1 10:3:8
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    EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    I am in full agreement with MM. Developing the process must come first.
    Everbody has ants in their pants and that`s great! Some have security ants, some have concept and product ants, and some have communication  or participation ants. Some have ALL of the ants and some have none.
    Ok this analogy is getting nowhere.... we`re people, not ants! Last time I checked I couldn`t lift 10 times my own weight. *Sigh*  And as far as I can tell, nobody else here can either. Instead, our strength comes in our numbers, our diversity and our willingness to hang in there to see this actually become a business worth our collective while. Daniel (frndchps)eluded to the strength in numbers also. You would be hard-pressed to find in the brick and mortar world a group so willing to devote their free time to a dream.
    Mitey, has just asked us to take this time to think about the things that we would like to share with the PL when that time comes. You don`t have to twiddle your thumbs while you wait. 
    Take the time now to organize your thoughts into a detailed but compact package that the Point Leader will be able to digest. If you have a product idea or a business idea, polish up your elevator pitch and a detailed summary. If you believe you have the answer to establishing an equitable measure of participation, or the basis for a system of ownership, organize your thoughts and share it with the PL when that time comes. If you just want to be there, ready to help in any way, be it research or logistics, etc., let the PL know that you are available as a resource.  
    With all of the input received and organized. Things will start to take shape. It will take time but it will happen.
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    DeafCeoDeafCeo subscriber Posts: 3

    Gauging Participation Levels
    Of 82 GoldMember contacts messaged except for RD, who heard it here, there were 53 messages read and that`s gotta mean that some people are still offsun since they last posted. 50 good people would make for 5 good projects or 3 outstanding ones.
    What`s a GoldMember?
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    TheCowPlowTheCowPlow subscriber Posts: 0
    After spending many years in the military, its nice to see the Democratic process at work.  As a small business owner, I look forward to learning from this process. If I can be of any help I will be there.....
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    A common concern seems to be...

    can StartupNation provide a secure forum for
    communication limited to project team members?

    I recall reading about private threads as a proposed enhancement to
    SUN. Jeff, can you tell us how soon these might be available?

    Along with this a number of other features would be helpful, such as:

    Software that would encourage group collaboration such as a wiki, secured and archived.
    A database, the more powerful the better

    A secured extranet for file exchange

    A mailing list feature so all project members can be included in a mailing in a single action.

    Can anyone else suggest ways SUN could facilitate this project? This may be a case where "we have not, because we ask not."

    We need to remember that this project, while conceived and developed on
    the SUN forums, is a separate business entity. Now, the more we can do
    using SUN / Sloan resources, the more we can grow before we have to
    start paying our own way. The question of how much, for how long, at
    what price can only be answered by the Sloans.

    This is however not a "one-way street". I believe StartupNation stands
    to benefit greatly by becoming known as a business development forum
    that isn`t just talk; but the
    place to "start it up". The PR potential is huge. That alone makes it
    more important than ever that the first venture be successful.

    It`s 1:30am, so I think it`s time to put this rambling post, and myself, to bed.
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    oldfrenchyoldfrenchy subscriber Posts: 0
    Today I made my second pass through this forum.  And not only is it all a great idea, but everytime I read more, I get a few more suggestions or plans of attack, or ideas, for my own direction.
    I`d sure like to be part of this.  I`ve recently joined several "business" communities, and this one is by far the best for focus and direction.  I am excited to read these posts now everyday and sit back, learn, contribute, and take action when that time comes.
    My education is from the school of hard knocks.  Most recently my background is in market research, and I consider my expertise to be getting on the phone and getting things done - gathering information and formulating results.
    I`m anxious to see who wins the election of point man (or woman) and watch things really take off from there, and help it along as best I can
    from the desk of OLDFRENCHY (<!-- e -->mark@oldfrenchy.com<!-- e -->) :ugeek:
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    I`ve recently joined several "business" communities, and this one is by far the best for focus and direction.This
    is good to hear. StartupNation is the first and only online community
    I`ve been a part of. I`m glad to know I found the best first.
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    LifeStoryBobLifeStoryBob subscriber Posts: 0
    Having jumped into the forum quite late and going back and reading the entire thread - I would only wish to have such great talent and wisdom available to any business venture that is decided upon.
    What great ideas - I can certainly see this as an opportunity for many potential businesses.
    I am going to stay with this.
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    tiedye2000tiedye2000 subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m very much in favor of doing something like this.  I think it would be fun and stimulating.  Each one of us probably has strengths in different areas that could be brought to bear!
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    PixelWizardPixelWizard subscriber Posts: 0
     I like it a bussines model for entrepreneurs to work with start ups that pull from the community of like minded folks to share know how and resources that come together with safety net. Mark 
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    deontisdeontis subscriber Posts: 2
    I think that`s a great idea. As an entrepreneur you are always looking to partner with those who have vision and the inherent drive to make things happen.
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    EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    Love the 37 signals site Mitey. Somebody has given this some thought! Those are the kind of tools this gang needs.
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    GamerMikeGamerMike subscriber Posts: 0
    hey im new to this site as you might already can tell. well i like to start out by saying hello to all... im a young man with a lot of good ideas maybe that`s why im here to find that person or persons who can use a strong mind like mine that thinks a little different the first of many plans is to find some good people to help me start up the first Gamers video lounge where we would sell video system video games and hold video contests... the idea grows into maybe sports bars with the same concept Gaming which i might add is one of biggest thing out making billions of dollors every year with no signs of slowing down site... looking forward to hearing from those who want to make lots of money together... im from the Washington D.C area but my plan will work anywhere this i know...
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    rvdebbyrvdebby subscriber Posts: 11
    How about a university for business? Not just online but a real campus complete with scholarships.
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