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The hottest business opportunities today



  • JHHJHH subscriber Posts: 0
    What is the opportunity, Mike?
  • PrepaidLegalPrepaidLegal subscriber Posts: 0
    Did I miss something...who is Mike?
  • danthemanukdanthemanuk subscriber Posts: 0

    I`d been using Profit Wildfire, an almost carbon copy of PIF4P, for 6 months to build my primary business but my results were limited until I switched to MFF. Why?
    The thing about PIF4P is, you`re mainly helping the founders build their mailing list, I mean, visitors to my website would go onto my mailing list, (as I paid the monthly fee for the Response Magic Autoresponder), but anyone visiting the site of one of my sign ups would be completely off my radar if they didn`t join any of the various programs within, but ALL new signups from ALL the replicated sites would go onto the list of the website founders regardless.
    So you`re not exactly duplicating what they`ve done at all unless you copy their site and make one for yourself. Which I guess is why the founders of Profit Wildfire did just that.
    But thats a big job and I have a life to lead. I mean, this making money online business is supposed to be on autopilot right? I should be making money in my sleep not spending every waking hour slaving over a hot keyboard.. right?
    Thankfully, I discovered a similar free system with the same purpose, building a primary business, using GDI and Direct Matches up front, using listbuilders, eliminating the problem above, and no monthly fees for an autoresponder.
    Much better.
  • LauraBLauraB subscriber Posts: 1
    I love the ideas here... and agree with many.  A quick comment on scrapbooking - it`s never been my thing- but I`m very digital, and recently learned that one of the bigger scrapbooking home-based business companies is offering digital photbooks you can customize on your computer.  I`m happy to give my business to an independent consultant rather than a conglomerate... and happy to see focus shifting to include digital thinking.
    So... my thoughts are a little different...
    I think as we move forward there will be greater focus on what is in the products we use on a daily basis - everyone (we hope!) uses shampoo, shaving cream, personal care products like cleansers, lotions, sunscreen, women use cosmetics, we ingest vitamins, and nutritional supplements.  The news is filled with products being recalled with unsafe levels of toxic ingredients (are there safe levels?)... and people are starting to take closer notice of what goes on and into their bodies.  The wonderful message here is that there are companies that have focused for years on providing pure and safe alternatives which are effective and wonderfully beneficial.  I`m very proud to be an independent consultant for one such company.  I think that issue directly affects the phenomenal growth the health and wellness industry has seen in the last 5 years or so.  I`d love to share more - please email me for a link to my website.  I cannot post it here.

    [email protected]

    LauraB11/8/2007 9:26 PM
  • SwaroopSwaroop subscriber Posts: 0
    Knowledge process outsourcing has been big since the last few years now. There is a booming business of hiring private tutors from Asian countries to help primary and high school kids of the United States. This is working well, because American parents are able to effectively use the fruits of broadband to get their kids high quality tutoring in the sciences and math at more economical rates.
    Scott could use his experience to build an outstanding service in this field.
    Swaroop Bhushan
  • fmontrelayfmontrelay subscriber Posts: 1

    India is of course huge, and I`m surprised to read mainly of China and Russia in this thread. Just to give you a small idea:
    India stock exchange has grown 4 times faster than NYSE over the last 7 years
    Over 350 acquisitions of foreign companies by Indian companies this year
    20% rise in exports, 4 years in a row
    40% increase in investment
    56% increase in home loans
    1 million new cell phones sold / month
    2 million households already spend more than US$ 10,000 / year on luxury items, will double in 3 years.
    India rated #1 prefered holiday destination by Conde Nast for the first time ever in 2007
    US$ 36Bn investment in the hotel sector 2007-2015
    Over US$ 15Bn foreign investment in real estate per annum
    Etc etc...

    fmontrelay11/11/2007 2:49 AM
  • fmontrelayfmontrelay subscriber Posts: 1

    Also, media & telecom convergence technology is critical: When shall I get MyStatrupNation on my  smartphone,  with the ability to chat real time with Jeff and Rich, plus integrate SuN content into my own wbsite or blog etc...

    fmontrelay11/16/2007 7:14 AM
  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    The hottest business oppotunities today, which attract investment money, is  green energy. Actually, that will be the next bubble.
    However, the hottest business which will deliver consistant profit will be health care, with aging populations in US and in most developed countries.
    Just my guess.
  • fmontrelayfmontrelay subscriber Posts: 1
    So, let`s do Healthcare and Green Energy out of India!
  • lhaurielhaurie subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Scott,
    I`m Lhaurie. I`m with you in your venture if it is for the children. Maybe we can share ideas of the possibility in joining hands together in this family-friendly venture and let`s change the world. Please feel free to email me at [email protected], I am by the way a Social Entrepreneur...please let me know where to contact you. Thanks.....
    lhaurie12/15/2007 4:15 AM
  • JeffAtlJeffAtl subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey everyone,
    I`m new here.  I`ve been listening to many of the podcasts and love this site.
    However, I have zero ideas for starting a business.  I sort of have to start something as my career feels like its over, and I`m only 39.  So I need legitimate ideas, not MLMs.  Man, have I been down that road too many times.  Currently, I`m trying to figure out if there is something I can sell on Ebay.  But what?  I have not had any big ideas on that, though I`ve sold some household stuff and done a lot of research.  Coming up empty.
    Is anyone doing Ebay or something else interesting besides MLMs?
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    would you like to be introduced to one of our most successful members (monetary success)? he`s the winner of the StartupNation Home-Based 100 Best Financial Performers category and has a template he can provide so you can essentially replicate his business.
    what do you think?
  • rajinenterprisesrajinenterprises subscriber Posts: 3
    Would he be willing to share that template here for all of us?
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
  • JeffAtlJeffAtl subscriber Posts: 1
    Absolutely, and thanks! I feel like I`ve been stuck in neutral for several years now.  I want 2008 to be the year I make it as an entrepreneur!
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