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The hottest business opportunities today



  • MarketcentricMarketcentric subscriber Posts: 0
    I think that SuN members should consider "the hottest business opportunities" from several different perspectives.  The ones mentioned in this thread are the those that fall into the "personally rewarding" category (and there are some good ones listed).But what about from the investor`s perspective? What do they consider "hot"?Many astute and successful entrepreneurs have crafted their business endeavors around the hot investment opportunities that VCs and Angels are (or will be) looking for.  What are they currently looking for and how do I find out?A good question and it requires a lot of research and digging.  For an eye opening experience (and a source for new ideas), I suggest that all SuN members visit the DEMO.com website and watch the demos for 2007 (right menu). These conferences are attended by the top VCs in the country and the prospective participants must pass the initial filtering process before being invited.  Many of these companies are co-located with the VC community (i.e. Palo Alto, CA) and have a good pulse on what the VCs consider to be "hot" at any given momentI have found watching the videos on the site to also be useful for picking up tips on presenting a compelling "pitch" to investors. For those of you that are seeking VC funding, I would suggest participating in the DEMO process.  Finally, I believe a SuN DEMO clone would be an invaluable tool and an effective way of sourcing investment dollars for SuN members.
    Marketcentric2007-8-15 13:37:29
  • txbassguytxbassguy subscriber Posts: 0
    MLM`s are simply ponzi schemes regardless of the spin put upon them or whether you change the name, leveraged marketing, network marketing, etc.. Seen way too many to believe any of the claims people make. If it`s such a great plan - simply hire people at $10/hour - keep all the profits for yourself. You`ll be a billionaire in no time according to the payplans.I believe the best businesses are ones that1) satisfy a need that people are willing to pay fortxbassguy2007-8-15 17:19:37
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    question:if you don`t have to buy anything in order to "play", is it really a ponzi scheme? i`ve heard of some performance-only MLMs and that seems to take away a lot of what`s so objectionable about MLMs of yore... that you get stuck holding a bunch of inventory or financial commitments... where something over 90% of the people end up...thoughts?
  • txbassguytxbassguy subscriber Posts: 0
    there is always something to buy in order to keep playing. there is no such thing as a free lunch.
  • PrepaidLegalPrepaidLegal subscriber Posts: 0
    Seems to me that most businesses then fall into an MLM format. For instance, Law firms, Realtors, Insurance, Healthcare, etc...most are owned by a broker or some individual who needs some sort of licensing and then employs others. The only difference now is that a lot of people work out of their homes and don`t need the building to function.
  • RetiredMemberRetiredMember subscriber Posts: 0
    MLM`s are interesting biz-toyz to play with ... until you`ve learned the lessons ... providing they are legal, inexpensive enough, and low risk.
    In my little world, I recommend doing an MLM or two for folks that want to get into business for themselves, but have little or no experience or education or training IN business. In these cases, MLM`s can be good training in the basics of sales and marketing, depending upon the quality of the upline.
    Once the training has been done, and plenty of "NO`s" have been experienced, it`s time to count the losses and move on to a real business.
    So... in my not-so-humble opinion, good, honest MLM`s DO have a use... just not the stated or obvious ones.
  • PrepaidLegalPrepaidLegal subscriber Posts: 0
    It`s unfortunate that the Amways of the world tainted the real live experience of selling a good product that benefits the public and provides a wage for the salesperson. Business experience has many levels: customer service, marketing, sales, etc... "Real" business learning results from taking the risks and making the adjustments necessary to succeed. This is not to be confused with getting good counsel, sound financial management, savvy marketing, etc... these are things that cannot be taught from a book and rarely if ever is understood from a manager`s perspective.
  • KotieKotie subscriber Posts: 0
     Hi Rich
    My name is Kotie Joubert, I live in the Freestate in South Africa, I have done now 4 months research on a Baby Nappy Manufacturing Machine, I can get it for a bagain with material for 10 000 nappies included.
    Yes there is allot of disposable nappies that are on the market , beleive me I have done my research, but this is the most hotest Business in the world.
    I still have to get the money for my machine, but this business I am doing for GOD, he will give me the money to buy it. He beleives in me. Did you know how rich God really is. Well I will prove to you that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, God will give you anything.
    This machine manufactures 1000 nappies per hour, I can manufacture 8000 per day with a profit mergin of 30-50c per nappy.
    My off-set points will be Hospitals, Day care centres, Flea Markets, Wholesalers ect...
    You can work out yourself how much I will make per month in gross profit, not allot of advertising costs, it sells itself. And these nappies are not these cheap no name brand nappies, it is the same quality as Huggies and Cudlers.
    I am very exited, tell me what you think.
    Best Regards
    Kotie Joubert
    NS! My Business will be called "Nappies for Africa"
  • winwinwinwin subscriber Posts: 0
    Current demographic trends suggest the following (sorry folks):
    a.  executor services: assistance to those who suddenly find themselves in this unfamiliar and complex legal situation
    b. quick, easy, inexpensive will creation
    c. quick easy inexpensive access to hearing aids
    Any of these may lead to franchise storefronts.
  • winwinwinwin subscriber Posts: 0
    Here are some upbeat sources of inspiration:
    fabulous "ideas" site: http://www.springwise.com/</A>
    for the latest in gadgetry: http://joshspear.com/</A>
    free newsletter to stay on top of trends at http://www.iconoculture.com</A>
  • PrepaidLegalPrepaidLegal subscriber Posts: 0
    Loved those websites!!! Thanks for the tip!
  • RetiredMemberRetiredMember subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey PPL...
    Whatcha-gonna-do with your "handle" when you wake and smell the coffee?
    Inquiring minds....
  • PrepaidLegalPrepaidLegal subscriber Posts: 0
    As you said "in your little world" you cannot see the need. There is a perfect financial storm brewing and I`m poised to help people get through it. So...that coffee will be fresh roasted and served to me while on vacation because I`ll be reaping the reward of helping people protect their identities, helping small business afford the legal help that is cost prohibitive and educating those same business people in the process. Oh, and should I need an attorney it won`t cost me $200 to talk to him...I`ll be getting top representation for a fraction of what you`ll pay when you over estimate your ability on some financial transaction and it requires an attorney to undo your shoot from the hip decision..
  • RetiredMemberRetiredMember subscriber Posts: 0

    Well said PPL... Although I think you have misread what I wrote. It seems you have several posts scrambled together from different authors. I did not slam PrePaid Legal specifically... just took a sideways look at MLM`s in general. May I suggest you read MY posts? (They`re the ones with that cute little grandson of mine as an avitar.)
    Right out of the literature, more or less... as I recall.
    The "smell the coffee" inference was meant to be read as - what are you going to do when you find that your perfect MLM isn`t all that you estimated it to be?
    That said, I have no argument that most hazard & casualty insurances make good fiscal sense... especially when there may be serious, unsustainable losses incurred otherwise.
    I also reckon you get what you pay for too...
    BUT... that`s just me. I can afford the $750/hour (my guy ain`t cheap!) price tag for the really competent legal help I need on the rare occasion I shoot from `an about to be bloodied` lip.
    Of course, I have also read what they (PPL) DON`T cover... That`s a much LONGER list, quite finely printed in the contract. Have one of those excellent, bargain-basement attorneys translate those clauses & exceptions for you sometime. The coffee may not be as fresh as you suppose.
    Good luck!Write from that lovely tropical isle when you`ve chalked up that first mil, OK?
    NB: Could be this is why I am a tea drinker... It too is not what everyone else is doing in my little world. There`s just something about those cute little lemmings that I have yet to understand, or learn how to cope with well enough.
    Or maybe, I just don`t play well with others...
    Could be.

    The Formula for Success:

    Find a hot, HUNGRY target market.
    Find out what they already want and are already buying.
    Sell them more of the SAME.
    Keep doing it until they won`t buy any more.
    Go back to step 1.
     OldNikko2007-8-17 0:33:16
  • PrepaidLegalPrepaidLegal subscriber Posts: 0
    Nothing is perfect OldNikko...and the firm hired to represent is one of the top in each state. They are on retainer to the tune of some very big money so cannot afford to get a bad rap. As for the mouseprint, every lawfirm has it...it`s just packaged differently. I, too, once paid the big money but got burned due to trusting a friend (investment advisor) who referred this firm to me with the logic: "If you have a problem with their work, they have deep pockets vs a one man show." True, but what went unsaid was the integrity of the attorney referred. That particular firm had a good rep but also an arrogant attitude that IMO caused me harm due to the attorney`s ignorance of my particular issue. Rather than turn us over to a more qualified person we got to pay for his learning curve. If we had PPL that would never have happened and we would have had a specialist handling our issue from the start. Could I go back and sue them...sure...but remember they have deep pockets which wouldn`t represent me in that situation. Your big guy attorney is specialized in one maybe two areas of the law. Just one question...are all your legal questions due to one or two areas of the law? BTW, the firms hired by PPL are large, well respected firms with specialists covering every aspect of the law.
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