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    It is a network marketing business that I have heard of, but have no personal experience with. Having found both failure and success with this type of business, I can tell this: if you treat it like a hobby, you`ll get the financial results of a hobby- they cost you money. If you treat it like a business you can (no guarantees) get the results of a business- businesses earn you money.
    Let me ask you this: Are you passionate enough about this service to share it with everyone you know because of the great blessing it will be for them, including family and close friends? Why or why not?
    If you are excited about the product, that will communicate to others, kind of like sharing about a great movie you saw and telling all your friends they need to see it too.
    Best Regards,
    Scott & Laurie
    dsprindle2/12/2008 5:14 PM
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    To Devin,
    if you think e-card are powerful wait to see my co. TALKFUSION.COM.  You can create a banner with your own logo (which looks very professional) under a video that you make or you choose from their library... nothing like PICFUSION.COM which is a site that probably is trying to copy my co.) and it will tracked when your customer are watching your video or cliking on your website.  Not just that, you can add any pictures and any headlines.... can you imagine how powerful this system can be....
    IT IS A NETWORKING MARKETING CO. THAT JUST START IN JULY 2007 AND THEY ARE IN 70 COUNTRIES WITH GREAT HELP FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT TECHNICAL...Sorry guys, it look likes I am promoting my co. but how can I not with all these benefits?... Just take a look, you will be impressed.  Anybody interested to make profits, sending video-emails can contact me: [email protected].
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    05mustang - I suggest you check out this site: - sounds right up your alley!
    It`s an incredible membership site I belong to that teaches just what you are talking about. I teach tech stuff for beginners, and this educational content that shows how to use web 2.0 stuff to teach with is intelligently written and very useful. So cool. Co-written by Brian Clar,k, who does copyblogger (
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    hi Devin,
    Why would you spend $1 per clients when you can send thousand and thousand of videos in one click.  And you can choose many different templates, many different pictures and you can make different videos for a very small fee monthly.  I am not trying to sell you my business but just to make you realized that you are wasting your profit.  You could look so much more tech. by sending videos thanking your customers for their purchases or just showing new products.  This is 2008, buddy, nobody use paper anymore....personal e-mail is the way to go!!! plus go green!!!
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    Wow. I was thinking about this very idea for our area in R.I. today.
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    Rich, Can I get the template as well
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    There is a couple areas I am wondering about.  We all know the boomers are starting to retire.  It seems to me that many will flood that market with every product and service you can imagine.  Do you think this might leave a gap in the market to "non-boomers"?
    Many people are talking about a huge economic crash.  If times truly get hard, what will a good market be during those trying times?  Sounds like it would be a boom for MLM (or at least increased traffic that direction) as people run short on funds.
    If bad times come for our economy, do you think that will mean businesses will move to more or less marketing?
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    People are 83% more likely to read and remember a real greeting card.  Ecards and emails get caught in spam filters and get deleted. TO DEVIN The beautiful thing with my system is we are with HABEAS and it means that the e-mails that people sent from TALKFUSION.COM are recognized as not being a spam.... very few companies have this recognition. I also believe a video of yourself (with a hat and a cake!!) and a banner "Happy Birthday" from my company where YOU are singing (!)  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  to someone is more memorable than a simple and boring card.  It is just my point of view.  You should check my website.... you will be impressed!!!Anybody interested, you can send me an e-mail at [email protected] 
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    I think your on the right track. The opportunity and product is not for me, but I`m sure it is for people out there. I also think your train of thoughts and business sense is right on target. I also think Lachette has a good product, even though it`s not right for me either.
    Keep on working it!
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    In reply to 05mustang`s comment of starting a site based on podcasts and YouTube with a Purpose. I have been thinking of the same idea for the corporate coaching industry, and am seriously looking into this. I would love to chat about this with you. Dave Hale
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    Hi 05Mustang,
    I`m working on adding something similar to my site ( to what you`re proposing. My concern is that with all the free information available, will people really subscribe to it?
    Initially, I`m hoping to point my existing/potential clients to the site videos to "showcase" solutions and to (hopefully) increase my offline business. Eventually, I`d like to develop it into a standalone revenue stream, but wonder how to do this effectively. I do like the idea of opening it up to others, but that pesky problem of getting others to pay for content remains.
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    Whatever companies have stayed in front of the Baby-boomers have always been---not mildly, but wildly successful...
    When they were infants, Pampers and Gerber baby food struck gold...
    Then as children; Mattel toys and Keds shoes hit pay dirt...
    Then the housing industry exploded in the 70`s and 80`s...
    Then the Boomers got hooked on gadgets and tech-toys...
    They were born between 1946 and 1964...making them 42-60 years old...
    There are 78 million living in America and I`ve heard figures close to a billion world wide...they hold by far the vast amount of the worlds money...
    What are their concerns now?  What`s the largest market that they will be spending much of their expendable income and savings? What do you think?  Can you enjoy anything in life if your pestered even with mild pain? Not to mention chronic agonizing pain?  I think not...
    Paul Zane Pilzer a best selling author and economic advisor during two administrations recently wrote a book entitled, "The Wellness Revolution" subtitled, "How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry."
    Health and Wellness my friends is now, and will increasingly be, on the frontal edge of boomer consciousness...And they are waking up to the failure of conventional medicine and the "Sickness Industry."  We are among the unhealthiest nations in the world yet spend billions on medications...
    If you want to be a part of an industry that is only going to grow... then my advise to you would would be... Get yourself as healthy as possible...Study until your brain sweats...Share what you learn from books and your body for free and then affiliate yourself with all-natural, high quality supplements and be rewarded for helping others find relief through---YOU.
    What could be better? 
  • 05mustang05mustang subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Dr. Dave and DrEZ,
    I think if the content you provide is real helpful vs. fluff people will pay. Perhaps you can give them a free trial and let them check it out. If they like what they see they`ll pay for future access.
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    I`d say the evolved versions of MLM./Network Marketing/Direct Selling businesses are the largest opportunities now and for the foreseeable future. Not so much those focused on one product or one service, but those who span a large array of products and services. Much like Amway/Quixtar, but with better pricing, better contracts, better distributor profit sharing, etc (I know they have a poor rep, and in my opinion for a good reason, but I believe they started with the right idea and got sidetracked in recent years). I am aware of only a few evolved versions, but I think they will be the franchising revolution of this time. I think the success and growth of these businesses, exceptionally fair compensation plans, come and go at will contracts, etc. along with the credible positive opinions concerning them by people such as Paul Zane Pilzer, Michael Dell, Robert Kiyosaki, and others, is a testament to their rise. Any opinions anyone?
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    With regards to the Wellness Revolution, there is a new product in Australia - Kakadu Juice - a 100% natural super-food packed full of natural Australian bushfoods, mostly indigenous to Australia. I find it truly amazing and have only just jumped on board. I live in the capital city of Australia, Canberra, and there are only a handful of distributors here. The business has been launched in Australia and New Zealand by credible scientists and business leaders. The model is fair and simple and less restrictive than most other MLMs. You get great product, professional website, materials and the product is amazing. Once we hit about 10,000 in Australia the company is launching in the United States - probably later this year or early 2009. They have a lot of interest from the United States already but need the support base locally where the product is grown and manufactured before establishing a distribution network in the States. As a member I can pre-sign anybody prior to the offical launch, so you will be one of the first in the American market to have access. I reckon it`s guarnateed to take off once we go global.
    Ingredients range from Kakadu Plum (holds the world record for vitamin c content) and Acai (omega 3, 6 & 9 oils) to Goji (natural cornucopia) and Pepperberry (world`s strongest antioxidant food).  Have a look at my Kakadu Juice website for more information and send me an email there or here via Start Up Nation. PLEASE NOTE  * If you can`t access my site straight away, please try
    again in a few days - I`m waiting on my personalised link to take
    effect - or go to my initially registered link - - (my last name if you are wondering!).
    This business harnesses wellbeing, online, quality product that you actually use as well as getting orders flooding in and is safe and effective for everyone, including children, pregnant women, people on medication, etc. It is not a supplement - it is a food with amazing healing and health properties. Check it out!
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