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    Be sure and check out Virtual PBX (</A>).  We created the hosted, or virtual, phone industry and have the best deal on the market:  $9.99/month for a professional sounding phone service for three people, web management, voicemail to email, follow-me calling, as well as fax capabilities.  I`d be more than happy to talk with any of you about it.
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    I just saw your website and does your $9.99 plan come with any minutes? I see that it is 6.5 cents per minute local and I couldn`t find the rate for long distance. Right now I am paying $19.99 for two actual phone numbers, unlimited local and long distance, and all the toys you mentioned. Does your rate come with all of the unlimited minutes? All I know is that I am very happy with my service from
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    I tried SunRocket Voice Over IP and it didn`t work really good. I have comcast high speed internet and about 7 computers connected. My voip phone will not work really great. I would have to get separate internet connection just for phones.
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    I have Comcast too, but make sure you have their fastest plan. I think mine is 8mbps. It all depends on your bandwidth and the VoIP carrier you are using. If you have a carrier that does good compression then you should be able to run your computers and have VoIP too. All I know is that I am happy with my service and I take it every where I go. Just find out if it works for you, because there is no contracts. Thanks.
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    Thx bthomd.
    What company did you use ?
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    There is a system called Asterisk that is based on Linux that is a complete phone system with VOIP and traditional land lines.  I have been considering the system a while.  The cool thing is the base system is free, but you will have to pay for minutes from a provider. 
    The flexiable thing is you have the ability to do anything with the system you desire.  Frankly, we have been considering offering this system as a dedicated hosting offer where we would provide all of the above for a flat fee.  We are still thinking about this option.
    You can research the technology here:</A>
    Side note: is good ; Also, has some services that may help you out.
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    No doubt that is the best way to go if you are converting an existing PBX telephony, but you either have to you use the existing high priced PBX system to convert it to iPBX or get new hardware. Astrisk is a great open source telephony solution, but geared to mid-size businesses. You have to have a minimum of a T1 connection that can run around $500 a month and equipment. Once again, good solution, but maybe not for small businesses. I suggest a paid VoIP service for small or start-up companies.
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    Actually, you can use Asterisk in strictly a VOIP attitude.  You do not have to have a dedicated t1.  You can ride the whole thing over VOIP.  However, it does have the capability of doing traditional T-1 and VOIP. 
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    My company is also home based and uses GotVMail.  So far, it has worked well. 
    Good Luck.
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    I think I will just use GotVMail. Thank you all.
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    I never heard of GotVMail, but I really like the concept. It seems like a very clean interface and a stable product. The only thing that I don`t like is that you need a phone service to forward it to or you will be charged for every minute you use their phone lines. This service is great to give the appearance of a bigger company but they do charge extra for every little feature.
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    Regarding the cell phone, the use as a services technician
    is part of the trade.  When a customer is frustrated or in panic the only
    thing their concerned about is getting you to fix the problem.  Cell
    phones are not of their concern.

    I was in the same scenario you describe.  Since my company has grown (in
    customers) it was time to move away from the cell only situation. 
    Initially I was with one provider and had the new business number and toll-free
    number from them.  I soon discovered the one provider approach is disastrous
    should the entire service have problems.

    My broadband VoIP provider fulfills the local business number and has the
    features of other suggested sites this thread has discussed.  My second
    approach is with another provider for the toll-free number that ties to the
    company number.  I look at it like diversification and not placing all the
    phones in one basket.

    The feature that works for my one person company is follow-me.  A call
    comes in to the only number my customers know.  It then forwards after
    three rings to my cell.  This way the customer needs not know the different

    Answering the phone live in a service based business is much appreciated by my
    customers.  Follow-me provides the immediacy customers need when calling
    in panic mode.

    The music on hold stuff and push this that and the other is impersonal.  I
    cannot remember the last time I called a company with the robot systems and
    enjoying Rush or Nirvana while on hold.
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    All my customers know my cell phone number. All my friends also know my cell phone number. A lot of customers have this phone # stick to the monitor. I am really confused and it is very hard for me to make desicion. If I will use gotvmail/accessline and get new phone # nobody will call me because nobody will know new #. If I will use gotvmail/accessline and transfer my cell phone number to them, all my friends will be really really confused when they will call. I dont think I need toll-free number, customers told me that they know it`s local company when they call local number. I know I have to make decision really soon.
  • wifistudioswifistudios subscriber Posts: 1
    Maybe you can get your phone number transferred or just have the new office line directed to your cell phone. I just can`t see havning a small business based on a cell phone with dropped calls and a high cell phone bill. Doesn`t that effect your net gross?
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    If I will use gotvmail/accessline and transfer my cell phone number to them, all my friends will be really really confused when they will call. I dont think I need toll-free number, customers told me that they know it`s local company when they call local number. I know I have to make decision really soon.The FCC has regulated porting wireless numbers to land-line phone services is legal (see ).  This is true of cell to land-line and vice-versa.  The only restriction to the portability is if the phone company`s switch provider is unable due to lack of technology or logistics in their equipment.  Porting a cell phone over to a land-line provider is rare for phone companies.  They`ll attempt back out by saying it`s not possible to transfer wireless to their phone service.  If you push hard enough they will make the effort.It`s in your best interest to move that cell number over, in my opinion.  Your desire to grow the company is apparent and moving your cell number over is the best option.  Getting another number is fine and communicating this to customers is cool.  It took about six months for most my customers to use the new number.  I still get them to my cell.  No big deal.The longer the cell is used the larger the problem.  The toll-free number, in my case, works great.  It`s an indirect sales pitch even if my customers don`t use it.William2006-9-9 15:12:44
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