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    I have a question?
    Do you know the main difference between gotvmail and ringcentral?
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    Jen, working with people who have used both services I am pretty convinced it comes down to subtle differences in business model. They have similar offerings and are comparably priced (gotvmail might come out a little cheaper depending on how many calls you make/receive), but gotvmail is branded specifically as an entrepreneurial service (vs small business or even consumer). We could argue for a while about what this means -- it might even just be semantics -- but most of the folks I`ve talked to prefer gotv`s professional image and (non-outsourced) customer service. The latter has been the impetus for the few migrations from ringcentral that I am aware of, although I also know several people who are happy with their ringc service. I would be very interested in a reliability comparison between the two companies, although my company has used gotv for a few months and we haven`t had a problem yet.
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    Hi Tomasz,
    Actually you do have another option, Virtual PBX.  We invented and pioneered the virtual phone system more than 11 years ago.  But aside from that, the items you need to keep in mind are that the phone number the you give out needs to be with you forever, whether you`re a single person or 50 person company.  Changing phone numbers on customers is a sure way to lose them.
    Secondly, with a virtual phone service like Virtual PBX, you can start out very simple, at ~$10/month plus traffic, and have a fully Fortune 500 sound and functionality for a single person, complete with follow me calling finding you at any phone number you want, voicemail forwarded to your email, send messages to your cell phone to let you know you have voicemail, and when you grow, you can add more extensions and even ACD queues like call centers -- all under the same phone number.  You can also have an extension that is just information, like an info box, hours of operation, directions, etc.  Virtual phone systems like Virtual PBX can also be your fax machine -- again all from the same phone number.
    If you move across town, state or nation, you can continue to keep the same phone number.  You can add other phone numbers to advertise is different geographical areas.  A lot of our customers add multiple phone numbers and put them in different advertisements so you can see how your ads are doing -- a very effective way of doing research.
    A lot of virtual phone systems can`t do this, but Virtual PBX allows you to have a different main greeting for each of your phone numbers if you want.  If you act like 2-3 different companies, then the same people, and the same phone system, can accomplish that.  The callers don`t know as they called a different number.  The Virtual PBX system announces to you in your ear when you receive the call which phone number the call came through.
    Okay, don`t want to get too feature-preachy here.  However, having a virtual phone system like Virtual PBX is extremely helpful, allows you to sound bigger and more professional, and you can still give out your phone number.  It`s your phone, your fax, your call center, your info box.  It`s the voice of your business.  I`d be more than happy to talk to you, or anybody else, about this.
    John Coyle
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    Hi Banar,
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    E-Mail me what it is you need, we are a small but full service/retail IT Company located in Middlesex county. We might be able to get you in the right direction.

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    I highly recommend a asterisk solution for a business. Asterisk is portable, and very customizable.
    Unified Voice and Data LLC
    Phone: 1-888-4-UNIVAD EXT# 173
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    Check out Google Voice!

    It works great for me!
  • Mike LevinMike Levin subscriber Posts: 7 Member service offers features for businesses and individuals. One way that you business can benefit from using them is by cutting the phone expenses. Their phone system cost much less than the price that your business would spend on telephone hardware and regular telephony service. My price cut of up to 80% since we switched to virtual telephony service

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