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Virtual Phone System fo Small Businesses

banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
First of all I want to send regards to all StartupNationers
Second of all, I`m looking for great Virtual Phone System for my company. I`m the only person in my company. It`s mostly computer service for local consumers in Ocean and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey. It`s homes based on-site computer service. On my business cards I have my cell phone number. Everybody calls my cell. I start getting more customers. I want to be and look more professional. When customer calls my cell I think it`s not professional (maybe I` m not right) It`s like having [email protected]</A> or something like that. I hope you will understand what I mean. Please advise me, and tell what do you think about all this.
Tomasz BComputer Cluewww.computerclue.com</A>


  • banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
    Wouldn`t that be more pro if my virtual phone system forward customer to my cell ?
  • banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
    Visit Gotvmail.com and you will undestand what I mean.
  • BizAtTheBeachBizAtTheBeach subscriber Posts: 0
    Don`t underestimate the advantage of always answering your phone.  It is a competitive differentiator that will land you more business.  Someone seeking IT help might just move on to the next company if they get a voicemail since they probably have an immediate need.  Also, you don`t need to indicate it as your cell # on your business cards.  In the service business, responsiveness is the key to a lot of first time customers.
  • banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you guys.
    I just thought about giving customers more info when they call me/my company. I`m getting more and more customers and only phone I use is my cell phone. I use call waiting all the time and switch between customers. Maybe if they would have music when they are on hold, it would be nicer. One more thing, how much further will I be able to go just with cell phone ? Let`s say my company will get larger in 2 years. Then I will have to get 2-3 phone lines and maybe change number on business card. I mean, if I have to change phone # I want to do it now, before my company will get really bigger.I want to use phone system that will be easy to expand. Get one phone # and have it forever, even if I will move to new office (5 miles from old one).
  • LauraGlynnLauraGlynn subscriber Posts: 2
    I don`t think that using your cell phone is unprofessional But...I do hate when I call a service professional, get them on their cell and they are not at a place where they can take my information.  This has happened to me!  They say "sorry, I am driving right now and can`t write down your number, can you call me back in an hour"
    I don`t.
    In your case, Banar, maybe a live person answering service would work? Someone to answer a phone for you...that could then get you on your cell and see if you are available?  I have no idea how much those cost...or if it is more cost effective to hire your own person.
    Good Luck!
  • jpricejprice subscriber Posts: 0
    You might take a look at Accessline (http://www.accessline.com). Many of the voip services like vonage have the same/similar features as well now that include what`s called "follow-me/find-me" and "simul-ring" services. When I started my company, which is entirely virtual home-office workers, it helped us quite a bit. Rings cell, home or the hotel you are at if need be, does fax, voicemail, etc. decent customer service and you can get a member rate through Costco that`s dirt cheap. The big bennie for me is controlling where a virtual # points to if an employee or temp worker changes or leaves. I just redirect that # to the new person or myself for the interim, if need be.I don`t have a stake in the co or get any kickbacks for this either, btw.good luck!
  • BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    I happen to believe that giving your cell number is a great idea, keep your customers close to you and show them you are there for them, anytime. But I also happen to believe that having only your cell as the number shows that you may not be all that, and perception is the mother of closing deals.
    People like to feel like they are dealing with someone bigger than life, a pro with only a cell doesnt look very big. The question is not that you are, or are not, as what people perceive you to be. Donald Trump loses more money than you and I will make in our lifetime, but he writes a book on how to make money. I hope you get the point. Aside from the fact that one day you will need a phone anyway.
    I think it will look better to have both. Use your better judgement. You know your clients and seem to be doing a great job as your business is growing...Congratulations on that.
  • banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you Bupulga.
    Some of you say that I`m just suppose to keep my cell and be close with customers, they are right. But how long will I be able to stay that way. I cant  use just cell phone if I want to expand my company.
    The point is....... I want to stay close and I want to expand.Accessline doesn`t have any phone # in my area code.I have three options:1) just get regular phone line from verizon.2) get service from gotvmail.com3) get verizon, wait 2 months and make number transfer to accessline.
    Unless you have something good for me and you want to recommend it.
  • BarakaBaraka subscriber Posts: 0
    I am starting a small e-tail/manufacturer and I have started using http://www.gotvmail.com/</A> . It seems REALLY excellent, has a very wide and has an exciting range of options for a fairly good price. Best of  luck!
  • RaniaRania subscriber Posts: 2
    I already started with the virtual office service with tollfreelive.com they are a lot cheaper than vgotmail.com .
  • RaniaRania subscriber Posts: 2
    and I used the following website http://www.goodcheapvoiceover.com/</A> to record a greeting message for a very very low price , and job done in 45 minutes , you won`t find this anywhere .
  • BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    I think #3 is a great option.
    Go get`em, man. Show these clients that you earn every bit of their business. Good job!!!
  • banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
    http://gotvmail.com/voice/script.htm</A>  charge $85/per page. It`s not bad at all.I dont need toll free number. I just want to have local phone with all these features, greetings etc.
    Why do you recommend #3 over #2 ?
    To have accessline and local phone # it takes time because I have to get verizon local first, then after few weeks when I get first bill I have to transfer this # to Accessline. Then they will be able to serve me. They dont have local phone numbers in my area and that`s why it has to be transfer to them.
    Gotvmail have local phone numbers ready. So, why do you recommend #3 over #2 ?
  • banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
    This http://www.goodcheapvoiceover.com</A> is AWESOME. 5 stars for you.
    Thank You
  • wifistudioswifistudios subscriber Posts: 1
    Just thouht I could share this information with you guys about my VoIP phone, because it really helped my business.I went to http://www.MyVoiceEclipse.comand signed up for the $19.99 plan that gives me two phone lines, 2 fax lines, 2 voice mail boxes, and ulimited local and long distance. You can use a regular phone or a virtual phone on your computer that you can use anywhere in the world.Just thought that this might help you as it did me.Thanks and good luck!
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