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Model for Failure



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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0
    QUOTE from our CORPORATE  Bob
    "discovering 10,000 ways to the top. Learn, practice and we will have the power.Take action, patience and the little steps compound that make the difference. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE REALIZE THE RAZOR EDGE."

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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    This is my point as well!
     "The word has as much power as I allow it to have." I like learning the ways to get the baby steps moving and through it.
    I agree with you onthebeach!! This was my point as well.

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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    Vicki great post!
    Craig, It is the way you present yourself. You do have feelings and it seems you don`t let them get involved in these forums. Stictly matter fact.. You are so matter of fact. "black or white" as Vicki put it clearly.
    I believe I learn from someone`s experiences vs the matter of fact. It is easier, my comforting, to relate when the person has a story to relate to. You get to know the person, trust them and want what they have going on, whether it is biz or just a relationship.
    If I can say so....you are a very passionate philosophical person that loves nothing but to argue your point. As for the doctor comment.....you know, whether the person dies or not at the table, they gain some experience and a little more knowledge about the operation.....isn`t this success? Aren`t those the baby steps we all need to use with everything we try to accomplish in life? I lost my father and mother to doctors experimenting with their lives....do you think I should bark about it? Well....I can`t, I just pray every day that they will have more knowledge for the next people they work with. I will stay away from the prescriptions they direct me to because of my kidneys until they are confirmed that it will work for me.....Because I can! I have other alternatives and choose those alternatives.
    Failure = trial and error=success  
    Perhaps I will take back the comment that I don`t need failure in my life, I am just going to trial and error and skipping failure....persistance=success.
    A JOYFUL soy veg gourmet candle distributor

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