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Model for Failure



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    Scooter2002Scooter2002 subscriber Posts: 0
    Tell me a little about these forums.
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    "If"all of this were to happen one day? hmmm...what about looking into the postive way of things?
    Let`s see....
    "partner stole all of your money"...I would guarentee he wouldn`t get anymore, by changing the accounts-change the obstacle course. "bank calling in your loans".....because banks need the money....you can not get sympathy from the banks....so I would need to foreclose on the loans or sell the boat, house and or the house boat on Tahoe. Hard to think of doing but you must "adjust" to the situation that you were given. Some may "think" that you have just FAILED in life with those losses, I call them adjustments in life that we may have to go through.
    "Surgery for me".....move through it, don`t expect too many to get you through it.....you must have needed this surgery for some reason or the other....what a perfect time to get it done, give yourself something to focus on besides the last situations you were just confronted with...time to sort things out on your own and get somewhat pampered...atleast I wouldn`t have to cook for anyone or do their laundry.
    "kid got thrown out of school for selling asprin" confront the child and ask why.....AND LISTEN to your child and their reasons....maybe they think they would like to grow up and become a Pharmacist? Conquer this and make clear that this situation will not happen again. This means, be aware of where you are placing your aspirins next time, and make sure they are child proof. You made the mistake once, learn from the mistake. this is not all the kids fault, you weren`t being very responsible!
    "Spouse tells you they`re leaving" now this would be hard to gulp.... so many memmories, and connections made throughout the years....so many ups and downs together. Make the plans of talking to a therapist, develop a plan to straighten up and get a grip, or focus on the needs of my children. Except the wishes of my spouse, old friend and wish him safety. Of course, cry but pick up my head and move forward for my childrens` sake. Of course....my own sake. Find that "passion" that kept you going before your world "seemed" to have fallen down a little-OR some call it "FAILED"
    "car blows a head gasket".....time to start working closer to home or catch the bus! Except it.....embrace it and get through it.
    Now bare with me, this is how I could put life into perspective in order to keep moving forward  & towards a successful business. I personally do not like to do business with people that have  a poor outlook on life in general. My business is separate from my personal life and people depend on me to stay cool and collected-positive, to continue the success in my business. I am not a victim. I am not weak. I can only except what is given to me....however or whatever is given to me.
    Right now I am reading "Rich Kid Smart Kid"by Kiyosaki... quote found on page 24: "....Intrapersonal skills, which allows me to overcome personal fear and take action. It is why I love being an entrepreneur and an investor or why I enjoyed being a marine and flying a helicopter gunship in Vietnam. I have learned to take my fear and convert it into excitement" Isn`t this interesting? I loved it! What a way to think of life! This is quite a book to read!
    Let me know what you think of intrapersonal skills and how it could eliminate failure in a persons mind.

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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    one aspect of failure is not knowing what we dont know.  think about it.
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    onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    Failure is not learning from experiences that do not go your way or quiting before you reach your major objectives. For example my major objective is to provide for my family and create a lifestyle for them that they can enjoy. Any business that I build or that does not work is just a means to an end for me. 
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0
    If I can cut in......I liked your comment.Dan! Nice relief to have respect! Good for Grayson!
     Respect=Success= Enthusiasm
    What is your enthusiasm? Success? Respect?
     All within your own perspective, right?!
    Failure is also all in your own perspective as well....
    Every one of us has our own success vs Failure perspective, none of us are wrong....
    we sterotype people for some reason.....hmm.. judgement? Where do we have the power of judgement? Who is to judge this failure?
    Bigger Reality is to live with this. You have to face the lie, if there is a lie. Yup, your subconsious can take over the greatest of ideas! turn success into failure. Scary huh!?But why go there....it is not worth your time unless you want that kicking around on the ground?
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    There you go Craig. Set Goals, continue to reach, Continue to accomplish and set more goals.
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    There you go Craig. Set Goals, continue to reach, Continue to accomplish and set more goals.Yup, but along with that process, accept that there will be failures, "almost but not quite," frustration, anxiety, and fear. To propose that we should remove the fear and failure part of the equation is to say that we can have a `sum` without any parts. That would be like saying ? + ? = 12. Pointless.
    Okay, Then that would depend if you consider an obstacle failure, a mistake failure etc. I don`t I take them as part of success. If one learns then something positive has happened and they are able to grow from an experience, they have not failed. Also Fear has nothing to do with Failure it has to do with courage and creating a solution for whatever obstacle has created a fear in a person....fear is actually a way of learning more about yourself. It is not a bad thing and cetainly for me not a road to failure. I take it as an opportunity to grow, reach and be successful. It is a way your body tells you that you have to think, have to learn have to grow to go further. This Is how I operate. If having the mindset that Failure is a part of your life then, you have already accepted to fail.I can`t help you to think and feel differently about your opinion of failre and your application or connection to it. You can`t stop me from the way I feel about what Success or Failure mean to me. I do believe that if we created a study about this topic that people who accept failure as a way of life and something that just Happens and having the ho hum me attitude would have a drastic difference in the success avenue of life in comparison to folks who think having an obstacle or making a mistake is nothing more than an opportunity to grow, be higher not be a failure. You know Craig, i know what failure is, i see people accepting it all the time, they choose to make an obstacle a negative instead of a positive, they choose to not learn from mistakes and live a victim mentality. I know people like this all to well. They actually have motivated me to do the opposite because i do not want the same results they have been given. If something did not go for me the exact way i have planned I reflect on it and learn from it and am appreciative of the opportunity for what I have learned, because ultimately all of those lessons have made me and will continue to make me a better more Successful Being. And Success is a personal rating, I define what that is for me. I define what failure may mean to me...I know that failure is real but I don`t let it be a part of my life. You create what you want for you and my formula may be different than yours, mine works for me, you yours. I have a choice on what I decide to be a part of my life. I choose not to murder, lie, take advantage of others etc. I can choose what I want to, it is my course. I choose to overcome not to fail. And failure to me .....is not to learn , to give up.So learning and growing is part of my formula for success. What is yours?
    Erinstonesledge2007-2-23 9:36:24
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi Craig,
    Making a Mistake is not failure nor meaning that something had failed...it is called getting different results than expected, maybe due to a lack of knowledge or judgement which is why a mistake is such a great thing and not failure. You learn when you make a mistake , find better solutions. You do not fail. Hey, we can go on and on and on. I really like you, your are a neat person but we disagree . We have different opinions. Neither is fact and so we are both entitled to live the way we want.
    I Love this Quote by Ann Sexton
    "Live or Die but don`t Poison Everything"
    ..................................... So be happy that what works for me makes me feel as a success. What is your goal? To make everyone feel as failures? C`mon...Craig. If you want to continue this post, then you should start talking from the mirror, not from the brain. Tell us how failure is a part of your life, and how that helps you or does not. Tell us how failure makes you who you are, makes those around you be effected? Tell us all about it from your life perspective not just  thought processes. Tell us what you teach those around you about failure, how that changes them. Otherwise Live and Let Live !
    From A Girl with a Goal! To Ban failure from the world (Just kidding Craig) 
    Erinstonesledge2007-2-24 9:41:54
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    FABULOUS post Erin!
    Oh.... I would love to hear your experiences Craig! I could really learn so much from your experiences along with your great philisophical thoughts. I would love to hear where you are coming from! You always post some interesting things to read but where are you coming from?
    What is your goal? We all need these to help us learn from...

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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    I like your anology about life and the connection with music. What a way to think about this with people you communicate with daily. You have such valid points about "the model to Failure" but if we are to focus on this word failure and know it might happen to you then it may manifest and you may become a failure. This may be why history repeats itself. It is better to leave the word alone with the  knowledge that it has it`s own identity....yes it exists but I prefer not to look at it.
    I like to look on the brighter side of things....success! Except what has been done.... has been done. Oops my kidney just failed hmm...do I need to dwell on this illness? Well..... this means I will be asking for sympathy for the situation. No...no pity please....my kidney failed and you know, I get a kidney that doesn`t have the disease! Great for me!
    People don`t have time for pity because of your failure so why even announce that you failed? Why mention the negatives? People strive on the negatives! Some hunger for negative emotions! Some crave to hear that you are doing horrible. Believe me....I have wittness this and read about these type of people.
    What about the government? Don`t you think they have failed each and everyone of us? "Let`s all get someone in the presidency this next year and fix those horrible mistakes the last president made!" We say that every election year! What does this mean?  If we all thought this way and gave no credit for any of them then that means no one is qualified to run for president! They are all failures! History keeps repeating itself and we need to break out of the mold we were born into. Except the mistakes or failures and learn from them, let`s not repeat history.... again!!!!
    Now failure did nothing to us but it seems to get into the air and manifest itself. If we all thought we were failures, what kind of place would this be? What a concept to think on. Wouldn`t that mean we would all be angry individuals? Unsatified? What if we thought pass/fail with everything and everyone? Seems like an unkind word and it will only create an even worse kind of world of people here.
    So....I would love to remove it from my dictionary...if I could. What good is this word? It can really squish a person down and squash them out at times. Suicide? Happens to a lot of young people when they are caught up with trying so hard but "FAIL" GESH...what a deal.

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    akcelakcel subscriber Posts: 1
     Mistake vs failure ?  Fill in the blank : I made a mistake because I failed to______________. 
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    Dictionary meaning
    Failure is: ...."the act of not succeeding in doing or getting something. She was disapointed at her failure to get on the swimming team."     2. a person, place or thing that does not succeed. The school play will not be a failure if everyone works hard. 3. the condition of not being enough. The bad weather caused a crop failure. 
    Seems as I am excepting that failure is a "vague fog of meaningless nothing", and I am trying to conquer the word. I give it an entity because it grows and can take over if allowed by your mind. The thought of the word can grow and take over.
    Failure can be huge to some people that are afraid of the word and it`s meaning. I would like to be more philisophical and give more points on this word but I am limited....I haven`t FAILED....to get the point though. I am limited to the idea of the word...I haven`t felt failure much in my life, I have always turned it into a different direction to get success or feel comfortable with the next step to achieve happiness. I believe we haven`t FAILED to outline this word and we all know what it means, we all seem to have our way of how to "deal" with the word.
    I appreciate this post because it definately gives me great perspectives to think about when it comes to success.  Craig, the generations of minds are getting destorted but not "destroyed". Our environments are molded by what is coming in for information. Have you been to a public school Kindergarten class to volunteer your time lately? Do this and then start another thread of posts on what you see. Better yet....preschool. Teachers are setting children up for "failure". This "no child left behind" bill has been a interesting to learn about and needless to say not very useful! To enlighten you on this subject a little, there are junior high students that can not read! I am amazed by the outcome of this bill as well. Thank you Mr. President. What I want to ask is why? Why set up children for this failure? To turn it around, why did the teachers fail the students?
    I would appreciate your comments on this Craig.

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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    You`re right Kathy...and Craig these words are important and again it is how you deal with them...
    With the car on its last legs...Why not try to turn it around to happiness? You were close to your home, isn`t this some what of a relief?
    Kathy...I am just pointing out what I see and experience with the children I have been around.

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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    There is no "glossing" over the word failure with me. It is real and it is there. Personally I live my life turning lemons into lemonade. I take a moment in my life that I did not get the results I wanted and make the appropriate changes to keep getting to where i want to go. Not one of us knows everything and most us us including me know not to much about alot of things, this is growth...the equation we built to get from a to b may not have worked the first time or the 10th time, but we change the equation, keep going and not have a diminished outlook and give up...we learn from it, we grow and we change the equation, the formula and we grow every time we do so. I consider growing positively a great thing.
    I will create a self published dictionary and the word failure`s definition is one who gives up, stops trying and never learns or grows. It is my peragitive.
    Hey, I spell horribly especially when i type, does that make me a failure at spelling or typing? Nope because i actually work on it. You may view this as a failing to spell, I view it as a reminder that i have something to work on to help me grow. I reconize the things i may be not so great at which is real and i do not deny any of these things which keeps me on the avenue for growth and success. If i denied myself the realization of my imperfections or even that the word failure does not exist then i would have failed myself because i would not be willing to fix them, thus giving in and giving up and failing. I am open and I am living my life by my equation for Success, spelling mishaps and all!
    The Gal who Never Fails!
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Okay, we think differently. I never said that making a mistake was a failure. It never is in my case, I learn from a mistake and do not commit it to failure.
    This is what i said: I take a moment in my life that I did not get the results I wanted and make the appropriate changes to keep getting to where i want to go.
    I did not say I take a failure.....
    I don`t believe I ever fail, so there, take it or leave it. Get over it! learn from this conversation and grow will ya:).......... don`t continue to beat a dead horse. I choose my way and you can`t change that and you choose yours and I do not wish to change that. i just ask that you respect my way of life. I respect yours. stonesledge2007-2-26 19:48:31
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