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Model for Failure

kgkg subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2007 in Business Planning
I want to open up this topic for discussion.  I know I need to remind myself to think of failure only inside of its proper context.
Failure: omission of occurrence to perform a duty or expected action, a state of inability to perform a normal function, an abrupt cessation of normal functioning, a fracturing or giving way under stress, lack of success, falling short, a deficiency.
How do you define failure?


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Failure to me is when you stop trying.
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    cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
    Stonesledge - that is just what I was thinking this morning.
    You only fail when you give up trying.
    There is a sign on a barn near my home that reads "Success is getting up one more time than you fall."  I guess failure would be not getting up when you fall down.
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    FurnitureEtailerFurnitureEtailer subscriber Posts: 1
    You need to have some sort of exit point based on time, dollars or something else.  You may need to go to market with a new strategy from what you learned through the first attempt.
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    kgkg subscriber Posts: 3
    I enjoyed reading all the wonderful responses.  I only used the dictionary definition of failure as a starting point.  My definition would have looked like the definition of success.  Apparently, everyone sees failure as not failure at all.  This is positive.  It means there is always opportunity.  Making mistakes is human and learning to make mistakes often leads to amazing discoveries.  Recently, I listened to Now, Discover Your Strengths.  I found out that natural talents and strengths don`t fail us.  Concentrating on weaknessess stops us from growing.
    So, how do you define success if failure isn`t negative?
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    akcelakcel subscriber Posts: 1
     First of all - failure to some degree is just going to happen. We should embrace it and learn from our mistakes lest we will make the same mistakes again and again. What sometimes happen is that we are so captivated by the fear of  failure that we become complacent and won`t move into the great adventure. We become stuck until we or someone or something moves us. That being said, I gotta GO. = Akcel
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    PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
    I have always lived with the definition of success as helping others around you to succeed in whatever endeavor possible.  Whether it`s helping a person cross the street or teaching someone to be wealthy.  By helping others to succeed you in turn are a success.
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    coscoopercoscooper subscriber Posts: 0
    KG - you now asked about success rather than failure. I`ve enjoyed everyones comments and believe success can take on many forms. The usual suspects of course are financial and wealth. However, I believe that financial success is in the eye of the beholder and is different for different people depending on their stage in life, age, attitude, personality, convictions and character. Ulitmate wealth versus providing for your families basic needs runs the gamut.Success to me personally falls into two categories.1) Am I providing for my family? (Additionally, am I able to even provide more on occasion and give them more than the necessities, but have some level of niceties that make them happy.)2) Am I personally happy. ( I believe someone touched on this and I think it`s true) Inner happiness is a key to success. You can have access to a high-level of financial means and be miserable because you`ve trampled on every partner, family member, friend and acquantence along the way to achieving some high-level financial goal.Being happy in your own skin and being able to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see goes a long way in my book.PS... on the working with people front, see my signature line. I think it also speaks volumes.
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0
    I just love the responses to "failure"! Everyone has fabulous points!
    I believe in my heart that failure can be a good thing. Perhaps it is suppose to happen this way?
    I have my glass half full all of the time vs half empty. Positive thinking is very important to each and all of us. I tell everyone that you can make the adjustment to the "failure" and give all the positive thoughts back to the universe and you will recieve positive back. It could be that there is something else out there that needs to happen for you, whatever it might be....marriage, business or whatever. Let go of the negative thoughts or ideas and develop new, fresh and positive ways of life!! It is truely amazing when it comes back to you in a positive way! Then you know it is meant to go this way!!
    I shrug failure off....I work hard to keep things in positive mode all day long. I can`t bare the thought of hanging out in the lows, blues and sad days...I run instead! Thank God I can take care of myself!!!
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    AddassaMariAddassaMari subscriber Posts: 2
    Failure- deep, very subjective topic. 
    I never learn to ride a bike, because I never wanted to fall off.  So I failed to learn to ride.   
    I love tennis.  Know what my biggest fear was?  Getting hit by the ball.  My coach used to tell me, "Gail, that is why you have the racket, you hit the ball, the ball won`t hit you."  I went home black and blue.  The first time I returned that ball, I knew that I would hit the ball more than I would get hit.  I love to play.
    Failure is very subjective and in some cases paralyzes the ability to succeed.  Then again there are people who are afraid of success - is that failure?  What about those who are terrified of failing at anything, they overachieve and find no joy in their success just in case someone can do a thing better than they.
    For me, failure would be failing to enjoy the journey no matter where it leads, not learning as much as I can, not challenging myself, not testing my beliefs. Failure for me would be not knowing when to "let it go".
    Ultimately, I think, how we define success, determines how we define failure.
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    drapecouturedrapecouture subscriber Posts: 0
    I believe business and life are a walk of faith, a letting go of FEAR as the driver behind the engine.  Failure is always a success.  I find the trick is adapting to the hairpin turn.  This adaptation is survival.  Survival is success. 
    In addition, I believe what appears to be rejection or failure is a statistic that can be measured.  For me,  I had to reach a statistical number of no`s prior to the yes, and then the collecting of a check.
    I do not recognize FAILURE or FEAR.  My vision stays true to the path, the road, the fall line.
    Thanks for the posts everyone.
    One Drape-Twice the Style
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    greentubgreentub subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for a great read everyone, especially to coscooper.  I`m printing your posting right now to keep in front of me for a while.  Have a great day.
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    byugronbyugron subscriber Posts: 0
    I have been through the entire range of emotions with the possibility of failure. Philosophically, I have nothing new to add. The thing that has sustained me is that I am surrounded by people who have unconditional love for me.  When I get discouraged, I look for something I can do for one of these people.  I always come away with recharged batteries. byugron2007-1-20 10:4:25
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    kbphotokbphoto subscriber Posts: 0
    What a great attitude!
    You are very lucky to have so many people offering you love and support.
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    zmanzman subscriber Posts: 1
    Failures and pitfalls are a natural part of business & life - and often provide the best growth opportunities.
    When it comes to the BIG PICTURE - i.e. failure as a state of mind - I like the Stonesledge approach. I might also reword it as: Failure is when you stop believing in yourself. 

    Failure to me is when you stop trying.

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    ethosethos subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m wrestling with this concept right now...this is my first day being self-employed, officially, and I`m terrified!  I`m not sure what I`m scared of more, succeeding, or failing...but this business is something I HAVE to try to do. 
    All of these posts give me comfort and courage to try, reminding me that failure is NOT trying what I feel I must. 
    Staying safe within my comfortable cubicle, for me, would have been failure.  Anything else, success!
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