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Model for Failure



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    JasonElsJasonEls subscriber Posts: 1
    Losing my life`s savings, knee deep in debt, no place to live and being forced
    to become an underpaid Borg drone in a cube farm working for a Peter
    Principle posterboy whose paid 5x what I am.JasonEls2007-1-22 18:21:4
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0
    It is your attitude that needs to be reconstructed. Your money that needs to be organized and your faith in you that needs to get a grip. You can get it back.... change your attitude about life. Believe in you! Get a focus!!
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    kbphotokbphoto subscriber Posts: 0
    1WonderfleeMade said:
    "I hope I will learn to embrace my failures because without them I would not know the value of success. "How very, very true. Likewise, I believe that a person cannot truly appreciate or know the value of genuine happiness unless he/she has also experienced adversity. My earlier post refers, in part, to a family member who has seldom known tribulation in his life. In fact, by most accounts, he`s led quite a charmed life, nearly always getting what he wants (and usually through whatever means necessary). He has little empathy for others and seems to suffer greatly from the dreaded W.I.I.F.M (what`s in it for me?) disease. Thus, no matter how much he tries to project an image of perfection and happiness, he will (in my humble opinion) never truly know happiness, at least not any real happiness.
    I think that both failure and adversity are great life teachers, and how we deal with them ultimately defines us as human beings.
    -Kimkbphoto2007-1-22 21:28:50
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Interesting post and thread - just got caught up.
    Wonderfullymade ... I see you`re in Johns Creek, GA. Congratulations on the new cityhood. I`m in west midtown. Born and raised in ATL. Not many of us left. Don`t blame y`all for cutting the cord. Good luck.
    I`m one of those people I saw mentioned a couple of times on this thread - the one that always seems to be positive - no matter what. I wasn`t always like this - I`ve had my days - down and out and such - no need for long stories - but I have "been there, done that" - believe me.
    It was the failures that taught me the most and put me on the track to operate in a PMA and try to do it 100% of the time. Yes, I fail at that - sometimes - but the more you do it and practice it, the easier it gets and the more good comes your way. It is the Law of Attraction at work ... and it works.
    A book that has been around a long time and I find the majority of people have not read is the classic by Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends & Influence People. If you haven`t read it, do. Keep a copy with you at all times. Read it several times a year. Also, read Napoleon Hill`s Think and Grow Rich.
    Neither of these books contain a "silver bullet." But they do contain solid advice based on observations of some of the most successful people our nation has ever known. There are many self-help books out there and many, many business books out there that claim to show you the way to riches - I have read none that match the knowledge contained in these two books ... and I read a lot of books. I keep these with me at all times. I give them away to people who show me they have potential. I use them to teach clients and their employees. They are excellent guide books.
    As Dale Carnegie said, "Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business."
    Think about that one sentence. Once you make the practices from these two books habits, I know failures will be less and less and much success will follow.
    Have a great day!
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0
    All things in progress can be "close to home with Failure"....every challenge that we are given daily is something to chew on....wether we chew on it with a negative attitude or a positive one...we all choose how we are going to start the day out. Now this is related with how you do your business each day too! If we choose to be angry that we can not control the people or issues during the day, then what are we doing??? Negative stuff just slaps you...controling is negative. Positive Helpful hints work for you and your partners. Reading to educate yourself really helps you focus in on what your trying to accomplish!
    Here is one of my helpful hints...I try to avoid any and all negative vibes....I don`t hang out with negative people. Some people can be really negative, how are you suppose to get going on a good note with the negatives weighing down on you? So if you have complainers in your world you should see how you live with out them. It has been a whole different out look for me. I feel a lift of energy! I continue to think positive and look for the smiling people to be around socially.
    It is all worth a try! Try not to say these 3 words: No, Don`t and can`t  The Law of Attraction book is definately worth buying and reading many times! I agree with Keycon!! I have been involved in a few failures myself until I met this business and how they have taught me to read the business books and the self help books! My confidence has sored and my dreams are coming...FINALLY!! BECAUSE I am reading wonderful business related books!
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    I think we have to account for, and have a model for failure because without it, we likely won`t think about success.
    Craig - Love ya man but I have to respectfully disagree - in spades!
    I do not think about failure. I go into every project and every task knowing I will succeed. I do not have a model for failure. Having a "model" for failure to me is accepting a defeatist attititude - not in my MO. I start every project and every task knowing and understanding what the expected outcome is - success.
    There are degrees of success or degrees of winning, if you will. When this thread started ... I thought, "How odd, a thread about a negative thing or thought ... why would anyone go this route." I still find it rather ODD.
    Craig, I know you will disagree and respond eloquently about the definitions of the words and so forth but they fall on deaf ears here in ATL. Failure is NOT in my vocabulary ... yes, I do know the DEFINITION of the word ... so, spare me.
    I am one who believes and teaches that if you plan properly you will have successes ... in whatever endeavor you are addressing ... business or personal. Will all plans produce 100% results? No. Failure? No. Lessons? Yes.
    Failure is a negative word. Eliminate ALL negative words and phrases from your vocabulary and you have taken a giant leap toward many successes.
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    ProfWrightProfWright subscriber Posts: 0
    I am new to this website and forum and happened across this thread. I thought I would offer my perspective, for whatever it`s worth.
    kbphoto is absolutely right on several points. First, Webster defines subjective as: 4 a (1) : peculiar to a particular individual : PERSONAL <subjective judgments>. So, the individual who made the statement that personal is not subjective is inaccurate. Second, anyone can look up a static definition of any word. As Mr. Keycon said, we all know the definition of failure and success as defined by Webster. To indicate otherwise is nothing short of an insult. Third, there are so many other issues and problems in the world. To say that someone`s perspective on the definition of a word IS a problem, is ridiculous. And, finally, how precisely does one "blame" a word?
    Kathy and Dan, nice posts. You seem to grasp the spirit of this thread.
    I look forward to perusing this site for more food for thought.
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Success for me is when I have reach up to a certain level or goal i have placed on myself.  When I am there Success happens when i can take a breath,  validate to myself what i have accomplished and then look up and admit that i have alot more to learn and be willing to go after it(with a smile). Success can be never ending and always rewarding and makes us have hope for our future. Success has life, you just have to add it to your own, make it a part of you and never stop trying, then you will have failed.
    No one is perfect and we all get knocked down, so take a breath and look up at the Success that is a part of you.
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    vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    Keycon.....Well said!
    I believe that it is the way we were raised.
     It is a struggle to keep focused on the positive things that can happen and the successes that will happen! Our parents instill the "attitude" back when we were a mere thought about to step into the world! This is amazing to learn but if you are curious and haven`t read this book here it is:
    "The Anotomy of the Spirit".....
    So some of us have these amazing battles that tackles us and do not allow us to get up and get going. It happens to a mindset for me.....I focus on being and thinking of only positive and I help friends out with thinking on the positive side of things. Which in return.....reminds me to be thinking positive.
    So....all this word represents is....a "dictionary word"....which could have no relevance to my life....because I don`t allow it to be apart of my life. Every step is an accomplishment even if you step that step a few hundred times in a day, week or month. Those steps are suppose to be showing you something to get you somewhere. When you feel like you are running into the wall many times going one direction....it just means you need to grow some dentrites in your brain to get past or beyond this point of learning, about the next step. Therefore....reading about what you would like to learn on business tasks, relationships ect.  Our parents showed us their way and we were to follow "this" way could be detrimental to some of us in this world.
    Realizing there so many changes happening in this world that we have to keep up with different techniques to help us get us there, where ever that place is for you. Taking the challenge and passing this word "Failure" as only a term that only negative people think they should have in their lives.
    Stepping out of the box is a fabulous thing to accomplish.....

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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I choose as my own person to not have failure as an option. There is Always an alternative to failure...even if you have fallen down, you can choose to learn and grow from it. I choose to live a goal oriented success mindset. Everyone has a choice, everyone has a perspective. I choose to leave failure out of my choices. Believe me, I get knocked down...but i have never stayed down. I have learned a lesson each time and have grown.
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    In the SuN Book Club, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is being discussed. As many who follow the SuN forum know, TAGR is one of my favorite guide books and Hill a favorite author. I use the teachings in his books to help me teach and guide my clients ... and it works.
    The last chapter of TAGR (not wanting to get ahead of the Book Club discussion) is entitled The Six Ghosts of Fear. Hill closes out this chapter with a section called Fifty-five Famous Alibis by Old Man IF. I will spare you the listing of all fifty-five in this post - I suspect you are intelligent enough to read them for yourself  - if you have not done so already. But I do wish to list a handful:

    IF I only had time ...
    IF I could only do what I want ...
    IF I could save some money ...
    IF my talents were known ...
    IF I hadn`t failed ...
    People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure, and have what they believe to be air-tight alibis to explain away their own lack of achievement. If you eliminate reasons for failure, don`t think about them and think about success only ... you will succeed.
    To my friend CraigL, the philosopher, I leave you with this.
    Building alibis is a deeply rooted habit. Habits are difficult to break, especially when they provide justification for something we do. This is why "failure" is not in my vocabulary (although you will agrue it is). A man`s alibi is the child of his imagination. It is human nature to defend one`s own brain-child.
    This is why I will counter your arguments until the end. However, this is my last post on this thread on this subject. Like I said earlier, even the title of this thread makes me quiver. Bad vibes. Negative Mojo.
    Craig, I leave you with this quote from Plato, a great philosopher:

    "The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile."
    Life will give you what you ask of it.
    Have a wonderful week, all.
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Three great examples of men who have been knocked down countless times but raised themselves to Success by learning from it: Abrahamn Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Malcolm X. These folks were very different people, had different backrounds but Never Gave up when alot of folks would have. Alot of folks also put the pressure of societies opinion on what defines Success on them and the may never try. No matter where you come from, where you have been, what you have done, the education you had....it is a mindset. We all own Success, we all can be a part of it, we just have to claim it and not accept failure to the point where we stop trying.
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I love this by Dan:"See failure as that fellow who is constantly following you. Hope you never have to turn around to face him. And if you do. So be it. Look him in the eyes and tell him, you`ll be on your way. Back to the road of success."
    LOVE IT!! Thanks Dan. And Craig, gotta love you too! Like I said in posts before, I enjoy Craig`s Replies, he does get you to think a bit further than you may have before.
    I have had the pleasure of discussing things briefly with Keycon in the past about business and I enjoyed what he had to say. He has a great attitude, one that makes me want more for myself.
    We are all different, think differently, react differently. But we are all pretty neat people. That is why I like it here.
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    No, failure is not the same as the Devil. You can`t learn anything from him but you can learn from your failure.
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