In Need of Additional Funding

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Hello- I am new to this site and I hope that it proves to be helpful, which I think it will after reading thru most of the site.
I am a new business owner-I opened a children`s enrichment classes business. Mommy & Me classes and when the child is three and older the class is a "drop off" class and the mom has to remain in the building. While she waits we offer her things to do-she can take a class of her own, she can get a manicure,she can have lunch at the cafe and if she has a little one with her she can use the 2500 sq. ft indoor playground.
I am opened about 2 months and expenses have been a little more than what I was expecting. Not many places will give loans or lines of credit to new businesses. Any one have any suggestions on where to go for funding or know where I might find someone who would like to invest?


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