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Okay, Momprenuers, tell me how you do it

BundlesBundles subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2008 in Home-Based Businesses
Here`s my scenario. I`m a stay-at-home, work-at-home, school-from-home mom of three small children. I have so many ideas for my business (marketing, training, self hosted workshops, etc.) and sooooo little time to bring them to fruition.  Sometimes I feel that I`m in over my head and the only thing to let go of is my business.  But, I keep holding on.
So, Moms (& Dads), PLEASE share your insight, ideas and advice.  What are you doing to make it happen for you and your household.


  • TileMakerTileMaker subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Robin,
    I`ve been where you`re at .....actually several times.   I started my first venture in 1989 and have never looked back.  Some have worked....and some have not.  One business did over $200k the last two years of it`s existence, but made a profit every year and increasing revenues every year.  At one point I had three employees.  That was scary. The point is .... do something that you`re passionate about. 
    You will be overwhelmed once and awhile. I believe it`s normal.  Try to focus on what the one important thing that you could do ...whatever it may be.  Take a single step.  Then take the next step. And then the next.  Just keep walking. 
    Sometimes when I look at the whole business, it`s easy to get overwhelmed.  I just tell myself to keep my head down and keep doing the most important thing on your list.
    One other important thing I`ve realized is to give your business time to mature.  I`ve had three businesses that were profitable and the one I`m building now is successful.  I realized not long ago that the real turning point for all of them was in their third year.  That was the breakout year ...... for four different, totally unrelated businesses. 
    I tend to get impatient wanting things to happen or to happen faster.  But we`re like farmers.  We have to plant our seeds and nurture them and wait for them to grow. So try to be patient.
    The last thing I want to share with you is a line from the movie Castaway.  I enjoyed it.  Tom Hanks told someone in the movie that "you never know what the tide will bring in."  I tell myself that all the time. Most people quit right before their big breakthrough.  Tomorrow, someone may call you or email you wanting a distribution deal...or some other great thing.  You never know.
    Good luck and keep plugging.
     TileMaker2006-4-6 21:5:30
  • BundlesBundles subscriber Posts: 2
    That was very encouraging.  You hit so many areas that I`m experiencing, overwhelmed, scared, impatient, keeping focused, being passionate about what I do.  And then you provided the encouragement for me to keep taking the steps.  Thank you, thank you!
    At a days end, I am so tired and discouraged from wanting things to happen and wanting them to happen fast but not wanting to take away from what my children and husband needs and what I want to give them.  I`ve been searching and searching for help and motivation to keep going.  I visited a SCORE counselor and, while it was helpful, the bottom line is that it`s all up to me and often, I`m overwhelmed with that.
    Thanks for listening and, please keep sharing
  • mchutchmchutch subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi Robin,

    It`s not easy being a mom and working as well. I have two kids, 5 and
    2. I have a home office too and it is like having two full time jobs. I
    started my own business to control my hours and have the flexibility of
    scheduling things. My advice is to take help where you can get it and
    delegate chores etc. if you can. Sure, there have been a lot of late
    nights but my time is my own and I can schedule a vacation when I want
    or take time off to see the school play. I can`t ever really see
    working for a company again. My time is too precious and children grow
    up fast.

    Best of luck.

  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
  • BundlesBundles subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you all for your replies. No, it`s not easy but well worth it. I`ll keep plugging away.
  • JayDeeJayDee subscriber Posts: 0
    I think all of us with children be they grown or young ones feel the time crunch when we need to be working!I know the time crunch hits me full in the face when my plans for the day are way laid by babysitting my own 2 year old grandson.My own fault in so many ways since I am and yes I will shout it to the world I am a selfish Granny, I cant bare the thought of him being with a babysitter who doesnt watch him as well as I do. His parents are young, My son is 25, my daughter in law is 23. They understand my own selfish need to have him with me, yet they are also aware they need time alone once in a while and not just for work.I work from home so having him here most times is fine, I work when he naps or sneak in 30 minutes here or there and after they come get him at 9:00pm. I know how hard it is for me as a grandmother to care for a young one and to help out the adult kids, and I applaud anyone who is able to do both and do they well. My home my be a bit scattered but my office is organized and working well for me now. The problem I will be having and as I said before, it is my own fault ,is I will be doing alot more traveling for new customers with the new business service I will be offering and I will have to let go. It wont be every day once the customers know I am available but for the first few months I will be gone every day.How does one deal with the emotional feelings of loss that I know are going to accompany his being with another babysitter? I wont know until it hits me.The time crunch is hard and yes you feel like your going crazy but when you set priorities, set times to work and for play and make them solid times, it really does help. Being organized so your able to sneak in a bit of work time when the kids are playing also helps alot.I wish you the best of luck and know in your heart you can do it!!JayDee
  • ThinkCanvasThinkCanvas subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Robin,
    started my business two years ago. For the first year I was only able
    to steal moments here and there when my newborn was sleeping. When she
    turned two She started to go to a babysitter two days a week and that
    made a huge difference. She loves to play with the other children and I
    am a lot less stressed because I have two big chunks of time a week to
    do what I need to do. I second what chris says about delegating. I have
    someone who comes once a month and does the bookkeeping (a worthwhile
    investment), someone who helps enter names for my mailing list and even
    though I am a designer someone who helps me with the website and other
    marketing materials. The other thing I did which has been really great
    is I started a group for Work at Home Moms (WAHMs) who run their own
    businesses. We meet once a month and I have been amazed at how
    motivating and informative this has been. We get together and talk
    about business issues that pertain to us WAHMs and Mompreneurs! We talk
    about non traditional work schedules, marketing for homebased
    businesses, share information about community events that might provide
    exposure for our businesses etc. We also use this time to run product
    /marketing ideas past each other and get great feedback. Some of the
    ladies who come to the meeting are just in the early stages and want to
    talk to women who have made the leap. Others are interested in a
    particular topic. My intention when I started the group was to provide
    a support system for WAHMs--so far I have been really pleased with the

    Best of Luck

  • BundlesBundles subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you, Chris, for revisiting this thread and sharing your insight.  Thanks, also, for your input JayDee and ThinkCanvas.  I love the thought of the WAHMs support group.
    Yes, it is difficult to have a serious business with everything else I have going on.  However, the time that I do take to put into the business is serious time for me and usually brings serious results.  It`s just that I know that the business could be doing so much more.  And, I don`t mean just in gift baskets.  I`ve been an entreprenuer since 7th grade.  My mom said that she didn`t have enough money for me to go with a group of others on a trip to Great America.  I went knocking on the doors of our neighbors to ask if I could wash their car for one dollar.  I made enough to go to Great America but decided that I would save my money instead.  But, that was the start of the entreprenuerial juices to flowing and they`ve been flowing every since.  I`ve had many successful ventures over the years.  And, my current business meets my definition of a serious business that is successful.  However, as all entreprenuers know, WE CAN NEVER SIT STILL.  But, at this time, other responsibilities force me, not to sit still, but to go real slow.
    I often see the many programs, contests and events going on at StartupNation and I want to participate, respond, commend, advise and ask.  But, as I said, other responsibilities force my hand in other directions.  And then, when I do get a moment, I have to tend to running my business or maybe getting some sleep.
    Believe me, my husband and children and my business barely touch the iceberg of the demands on my time.  So, while I may not be able to participate, respond, commend, advise and ask, I am an avid reader.  I read your threads, success stories, challenges and what`s going on at StartupNation and I am silently inspired and encouraged.
    Just call me the momprenuer tortoise, moving very slow but never stopping.
    Thanks, everyone!
  • epetersepeters subscriber Posts: 1
    Do they have WAHB(oyfriend) support groups? LOL? Maybe you ladies could give me a few pointers as I find it difficult to keep my girlfriend focused on our business. She has the attention span of a retarded cat, but shes very, very smart.In fact she`s done most the work on my business. She`s what makes me successful. Do the same rules apply to young girlfriends as do young kids? It`s hard to get her to apply herself for more than 5 mins. We also have 2 little boys (3 & 5). She handles them pretty well.You know- setting boundaries for when we;re working and stuff. It`s almost like her head thinks faster than she can do, then she gets frustrated because I can`t keep up.
  • SolidGrndSolidGrnd subscriber Posts: 11
    epeters...I have to ask...is she as passionate about the business venture as you are...or is this YOUR dream that she is tagging along for because she loves you and wants to support you? It could be difficult for her to stayfocused because she is not as "in love" with the whole business as you are.
    Robin...girl...I KNOW where you are. I am exhausted most of the time...overwhelmed...stressed...scared...confused...anxious. ..excited...passionate...possibly slightly insane! I have a son with special needs, a full time day job, I take correspondence courses, and I am started a non-profit...that to be perfectly honest is much larger than I can possibly accomplish on my own (imagine Yahoo or Google sized entity). And of course...because we are not only moms and wives...we wear hats like: chaufer, cook, nurse, therapist, accountant, vet, teacher, referee, friend, lover, and at least a few million others that I know I have forgotten at this late hour...we are tired...which adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed.
    My biggest fear is failure...failing as a mom, as a wife, and failing myself...not being able to realize my dream of starting the largest, most comprehensive non-profit for the disability community...all of it...I am taking on the globe!
    I think we expect so much of ourselves that we forget to look up ahead on occasion...we are so busy running in circles that we lose sight of that ultimate goal...the reason we started this silly rat-race to begin with. For me...it is to achieve non-profit greatness, and to set a solid foundation for my family. For you...it is getting your business where you want it...and setting a foundation for your family. It is that goal that keeps me going...keeps me driving forward (well...that and the fact that I signed a contract with a web developer that will cost me more than I actually have so I better get something figured out soon). I KNOW I can reach that goal...I just have to keep moving towards it. Like you...I am moving at what seems like a SNAILS pace...but I am moving...and in the right direction (which is WAY more than I could say for past experiences).
    Not to mention...I am part of an amazing community of like-minded people who keep me motivated when I feel like I can`t take one more step...generally speaking...for that one step that I can`t seem to make...they will lift me on their shoulders and carry me to the next step! You will find that here at SuN...these are truly great people!!!
  • MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
    The other thing I did which has been really great is I started a group for Work at Home Moms (WAHMs) who run their own businesses. We meet once a month and I have been amazed at how motivating and informative this has been. We get together and talk about business issues that pertain to us WAHMs and Mompreneurs! We talk about non traditional work schedules, marketing for homebased businesses, share information about community events that might provide exposure for our businesses etc. We also use this time to run product /marketing ideas past each other and get great feedback. Some of the ladies who come to the meeting are just in the early stages and want to talk to women who have made the leap. Others are interested in a particular topic. My intention when I started the group was to provide a support system for WAHMs--so far I have been really pleased with the result. Best of Luck
    Tessa, I`m so interested in how you did this... I was looking for just this very type of group and can`t find anyone in my area (No. California) I may just have to follow your lead and start my own. Care to share where you started?
    I am currently an aspiring WAHM... I have a day job but *dream* of making my business profitable enough to take it full time.  Thank you everyone for sharing your successes!MCSnow2007-2-13 15:36:0
  • KteaKtea subscriber Posts: 1
    A WAHM group is probably a big help in staying motivated, focused, and knowing you are not alone in your situation (and mine).  Here is what I`ve found:Meet other local Moms who work at home. Gather with women who juggle
    having both a home career and children for advice sharing and
    companionship.http://wahm.meetup.com/There is an international moms club, but that sounds more for moms who stay home full time and don`t work at all.  Maybe I`m wrong, but its http://www.momsclub.org
  • vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    Ok...someone I can relate to horray!!!! I love the energy that is going on here! I too am a homeschooling mom and home based business mom! I will be looking into the WAHM meeting and or develop one here!! Email me anytime on anything!!
    #1.  I have a "WHY" I do my home based business, this is what has kept me in this business for a year and many more to go
    #2.  listen to conference calls that are both business and personal growth every day
    #3.  always do something to keep the momentum going....call and mention something about the business
    #4.  keep a positive attitude about the business, never think one negative-it is so easy to create and manifest the negatives
    #5.  Stay FOCUSED on your WHY!!!
    #6.  Get to the Conventions to meet your business family!        &nbsp ; (getting there soon!!)
    #7.  READ READ and READ more business related books
    #8.  BELIEVE in what you are doing is the right thing to do
    #9. Try to mention something on the online candle group
    Anything to keep things in a positive mode. Take care of myself and my WHY.
    Thank you so much for the great posts!! Wahoo!

  • CollegeCoachCollegeCoach subscriber Posts: 8
    I find that I must write anything and everything down at the moment I think of it. Because I am juggling so much it is really hard to keep mental check list. At the end of the day I gather all my notes and then put them in my to-do list on Backpack.
    Unfortuately, I also find that a good deal of my `work on business` time happens between 9 PM- 2 AM. Raising a family and running a business requires very long hours. But I am committed to making this business work, so I just have to get things done when I can get them done.
    I also periodically read short articles or bios about other mothers who are successful with their own business, as a motivator. I think it helps to remind yourself that you are taking a difficult path, but there have been others before you who have also taken a similiar path and found success at the end.CollegeCoach2007-3-6 22:17:30
  • pagejamespagejames subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi all!
    A little word of advice that has helped me tremendously!  I am a single father who works in a business my family owns and I still find time to dabble in other entrepreneurial adventures.  I have an online casino, I am learning to invest in real estate, I recently purchased a credit repair website, I had a judgement recovery business, and currently have a few other ideas that are in various stages of development.  On top of that, I have a teenage daughter to contend with (the most difficult and most rewarding of all my endeavors), I recently started dating and up until this semester I was taking classes at a local junior college (this was more for fun and a chance to socialize with new people!).
    As you can see, my life can get pretty demanding!  To deal with all of this and keep from going crazy over all the things I feel like I didn`t get done, I follow a simple philosophy.  Rather than time management, I practice priority management.  Every evening, I make a list of the six most important things I want to accomplish the next day.  I prioritize them from 1 to 6.  I start with number 1 (the most important) and stick with until it`s completed.  Then, and only then, I move on to number 2 until it`s done and so on.  Anything that doesn`t get done gets re-prioritized the next evening.  I rarely get all 6 things done, but at least the most important things are getting taken care of before I get bogged down in all the little crises that attack me every day!
    Trust me, this works!  Hope it helps.
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