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Product Development/ Patent Fees

RNtoNPRNtoNP subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2006 in Protecting Your Ideas
I am a new member to this site.   I happened to be in my car much later than expected yesterday and heard the last 15 or 20 seconds of the on-air show.  I heard the hosts mention "start-up nation" and discovered this site after returning home.   (What would we do without the internet and Google?)  Anyways, I have browsed around this site and love what I have seen thus far.   I am a 38 year old Nurse Practitioner who has been "plagued" by always thinking of new product concepts/ideas/ etc...  I have never pursued any of them.   I have seen several ultimately appear on television as products for sale.   I currently have several ideas for new products.   Briefly, two are related to gardening/lawn care products, one is a specific "tool" for template making, and one deals with a conceptual design change for roofing methods (potentially applicable to EVERY new home construction).   My question is regarding costs for patent application process?   Also, I have contacted several manufacturers in the last 2 days via email, as well as the BobVila.com site, to determine potential interest in new product development.   I am not sure what route to take.  I am tired of seeing my ideas appear in the market place years after I "thought" of them.   Any helpful advice would be appreciated.   Perhaps I can barter and exchange health care advice for product development advice .  Ha Ha
Andy B.


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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    thanks for joining our fast-growing community.
    are you very confident that the people at bob vila would be ideal for the product?
    we may be able to facilitate a "hook-up" between you and them (that will get better attention than you might experience through standard routes).
    let`s START IT UP!
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    RNtoNPRNtoNP subscriber Posts: 1
    I appreciate your reply,
    Let me first state that it was like a "sign from the Gods" that I happen to catch the last 30 seconds of your show.  I live in Pineville, Louisiana and listen to A.M. 970 KSYL.   I will have to check their website to see when your show airs here.  
    To specifically answer your question - I do indeed believe that an entity with their name recogniztion (as well as resources) would/could be directly interested in 3 (possibly 4).   The 3 in particular would include exclusivity of such a product (at least until copy-cats appeared); however, being "the original" product always helps. 
    I have heard that Bob Vila may no longer be associated with the Sears, Co..   If this is true, then I may ultimately need to contact the Scott`s Lawn company, or similar company. 
    I recently sent an inquiry to WWW.EONOUTDOOR.COM</A>  , however, have not heard back yet.   Their product could be altered (I believe) to be useable. 
    I appreciate any further directives you have, and would absolutely be interested in confidential discussions with either yourself and/or anyone at BobVila.com.
    Andy B.
    P.S.  I also have a very interesting product concept that would effectively eliminate the need for any and all high speed police chases - Every one of them!
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    LordEmsworthLordEmsworth subscriber Posts: 0
    There is a guy who gives semilars on entrepreneurship.  He says your ideas need to be producible (at a reasonable cost), protectible (by patent) and marketable.  Each one of these is time consuming and expensive.  You can do each one of these yourself but you can hire professionals to help you.  Especially when it comes to patent preparation and prosecution.  We could help you with protecting your inventions.  The best procedure is to apply for a patent BEFORE contacting anyone about sales and marketing.  And I also advise having the people sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreemnts also.  It typically costs 6-12,000 to have a US patent application filed.  Subsequent prosecution can increase the cost. 
    Two words of advice.  Beware of invention promotion firms.  See www.uspto.gov</A> for more information on these scams.  Provisional patent applications are NOT cheaper to write than non-provisionals.
    If we can help you further, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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    RNtoNPRNtoNP subscriber Posts: 1
    thank you for your reply.   I will be in touch at some point. 
    Andy B
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    I agree that you should beware of invention promotion firms and see www.uspto.gov</A> for more information on these scams. 
    Provisional patent applications ARE cheaper to write than non-provisionals at my law firm.
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    RNtoNPRNtoNP subscriber Posts: 1
    I apologize for such a delay in reply.  Both myself and my computer recently had a virus.   I recovered; however, my PC had to be euthanized and replaced.   I would be very interested if you had a contact that I could utilize either with the BobVila company and/or with any person or entity you may be aware of in the roofing industry.  I have a product concept that I truly feel would revolutionize the manner in which roofs are designed and utilized.  I don`t know which approach to use.  I would be satisfied (I think) with just "selling" the idea to a manufacturing company.   I feel the same way about several other ideas I have.   It is a strange feeling going to work every day while thinking about the potentials of several of my ideas.   I tried to contact several manufacturing companies, and roofing companies; however, none replied.   I continue to shake my head in disbelief that this roofing design idea has never been brought to market as of yet.  I would greatly appreciate any and all directions you may be able to provide.
    Andrew Benoit
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    brentbrent subscriber Posts: 0
    Dear Mr. Benoit:
    The disbelief you express at not seeing your good idea being executed in the market is the root of all successful startup companies.  If no one else is doing it, why don`t you?
    Companies will fail to reply to requests such as yours for several reasons, chief among them being that they are invested in their status quo, and new ideas are therefore disruptive.  This is the market manifestation of basic human nature -- change is frightening.  You have to make them want it.
    Ideas alone are troublesome to deal in, because an idea by itself is not an asset.  The best and most efficient way to sell an idea is to protect it with IP and build a company around it.  Don`t try to get rich quick by trying to sell an idea.  It almost never works.  Start a company and eventually you`ll be able to sell *that* instead.  You can do it.
    (not legal advice)
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