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Could We Create a Business Together?



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    ijitterbugijitterbug subscriber Posts: 2


    Reading, re-reading, then fully reviewing what I have just read and re-read, a startling observation has been made.
    It appears to me, from my personal and maybe not so objective viewpoint, many of those who post to this Forum are merely looking for a place to vent and to promote agendas not even remotely connected to the original concept on which this Forum was developed. People helping people, in an informal setting, to bring forth ideas and concepts for discussion of business(s) which may or may not come to fruition. StartUp Nation is promoting the idea that, in a collaborative manner, it is possible to draw on the experience, education, and history of a number of persons, and by doing so, will potentially result in a business which can thrive and succeed.
    Few people if any, on an individual basis,  have the total sum of needed skills to build a business from conception, implementation, growth, management and following profitable practices to bring the desired results.
    History tells us that the most highly successful people in all walks of the business world have one thing in common. The ability to surround themselves with people who possess skills and abilities necessary to build a business.  I can think of no one who has single handedly built a business without some form of assistance from another person or persons.
    As I have alluded to in previous postings to this Forum, I am presently in the early stages of re-starting a previously very successful and profitable business. Even though all elements of such a "re-start" are present, I will continue to reach out to others who may have an interest in participating and assisting me to take this business to the next level.
    Discussion, collaboration, sharing of ideas........... All these attributes are necessary to each of us as we pursue our individual goals and ambitions.
    Enough from my "soap box".
    I wish each and every person who reads these postings, a life filled with peace, prosperity and good health.
    To our success.
    Jerry aka ijitterbug
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    DougsterDougster subscriber Posts: 4
    It seems to me that without a direction. We have no course.
    In that I mean until "we" pick a business to group our talents together we won`t really know who is on board or not.
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    astikainastikain subscriber Posts: 0
    Robin, and everyone else interested in making a buck out of the social business opportunities available, check out http://beachange.org.
    My company Feelovation is doing the project together with AIESEC in order to create a mass of social business ideas (shared openly) and then go through a process to define at least 3 of them to the level that we can start them in November.
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    I fear that your project will end up on the same roundabout as this forum.
    No one with brilliant ideas are going to discuss them openly.
    Robin; Everyone
    If key members here were to acquired their own management/forum software and direct major ideas and projects from this forum to a totally secure password protected private management/forum, then elected management could guide and mould the business. If we did this, then we may get somewhere.
    Reports of progress and invitations for people with expertise to join in could be posted in this forum and the project could grow from there.
    Is anyone else holding back ideas?
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    FarrellFarrell subscriber Posts: 0
    The concept exists! PeopleBrainstorm.com 
    A community where people create and implement real life companies.

    People Brainstorm has developed THE platform for virtual community
    business creation. Anyone can participate in the development and
    direction of People Brainstorm companies. This beta version allows
    members to determine how the $1000 budget for Life Awaken Inc. will be
    spent, who will hold certain positions in the company and everything
    else involved with a business. We encourage you to get involved now to
    learn the ropes for future projects.
    we move into the full version, members will also have the option to
    invest in these projects if they desire. The best part, investing has
    no bearing on your opportunity with the project. When a new project is
    activated, People Brainstorm members will be chosen for the initial
    company board. From here the board takes over.

    Welcome to People Brainstorm.
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    TheRealBrainsTheRealBrains subscriber Posts: 0
    Farrell I`ve seen this information before... what happened to the old posts People Brainstorm had - I can`t find them.  Anyway... thanks for your thoughts.  I`m a supporter of your cause.
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    TheRealBrainsTheRealBrains subscriber Posts: 0
    Good Evening,
    I think this thread is quite an amazing read and worth the time to review.  Mike, I fully understand your wanting to get something off the ground and fast.  I feel PeopleBrainstorm.com provides that starting point.  I also believe that there are others just as interested in the concept as you are and over time they will come forth - when the time is right.  This concept is however one slightly different than SuN`s genre so it will not be for all.  That`s okay too.  SuN is a great place to congregate on all kinds of things.  I agree with Mitey, leaders are the initial step to the growth of a project as such.  I admire your passion Mike and look forward to seeing more of your thoughts.
    Respectfully submitted,
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    ZeriousllyZeriouslly subscriber Posts: 0
    For sure! And I`ve got a product I`ve been sitting on for years I`d like to put forward as a contender.
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member

    Hi Mike
    I'm still interested.
    Mike a lot has been happening in the world economy and also;
    There are many new groups trying to change the world.
    I now support The Venus Project a World without Money or War. See My Forum
    The Future Of Our World - God's Letters
    Mike you may want to research this and have an alternate business plan.
    Please let me know next step.
    Regards Michael (rexiedexie)

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    daveb1daveb1 subscriber Posts: 1
    great idea

    but one problem : not everyone is comfortable sharing business idea with just anyone, let alone on the virtual net with stranger
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Big Hello
    To all here.
    Well I am stepping on the gas with several projects for 2011. I have one launching in Australia shortly.
    It is a comprehensive horse racing site and if this projects works out here it will be able to be duplicated in any city.
    I"ll let you all know when the site is online.
    Mike how is your project coming along?
    Does anyone here have new projects?

    Regards Michael Clayton (rexiedexie)

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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hello All
    There is a similar forum to this starting up at Adlandpro Community
    Join or log in and contact me for details.
    I have just made some new web pages see

    Select Horse Racing

    3 Sites In One Shiraz Market Link

    Drop by and catch up with me at My Australian Community
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    hermeslasthermeslast subscriber Posts: 0
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    AlexanderDamienAlexanderDamien subscriber Posts: 0
    If you guys need marketers, let me know
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hello All

    Just an update July17 2012 I have 3 new urls If you want to catch up visit my community.
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