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Logos - What colours are most appealing?



  • ethnicommethnicomm subscriber Posts: 1
    Do people not create design briefs anymore? Just wondering ...
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    I have a design brief that I customize for each client.Once clarified, the original post was more about SuN members personal color preferences - rather than obtaining info from a client in regards to their color likes/dislikes for a logo project.- J
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    Another aspect of color to consider (and possibly avoid), in identities and marketing/advertising pieces, is the trendiness of a color at a given time.  While judging the international Summit Creative Awards, two years ago, I walked into a sea of logos and marketing pieces making use of lime greens and/or oranges - the trendy colors of the day.  With so many pieces using the same colors, many of the designs making use of other color combinations clearly stood out.  Those pieces making use of the lime green and orange options were most likely going to be dated quickly and require possible color changes, or redesigns, in a short period of time.When judging the competition again this year, for some reason there was much more variety in the colors being used.  No specific color usage conveyed a defined trend.- J. 
    LogoMotives2007-5-22 14:16:31
  • troubletrouble subscriber Posts: 0
    I am a certified colorist. I used to shade colors for a coatings company. Orange stimulates appetite, in general. It`s a secondary color so whatever balance you strike between it`s 2 basic primaries of yellow and red will be an impact. A touch of green will putty it to a brownish hue as in salmon as a discriptive.
    There are some questions to ask. Just what mood or feeling do you want to activate to zero in on your market?
  • AlvalynAlvalyn subscriber Posts: 0
    It`s not about what is appealing in color; it`s about what color communicates
    about the company and how it communicates to the company`s customer
    base. If you base any color choice on popular appeal, you will be changing
    your color schemes quite often.

    Color trends are forecasted every year, but these forecasts must be used
  • DellaBrooksDellaBrooks subscriber Posts: 0
    Very impressive logo design portfolio! Thanks for the book recommendation and the rich set of design links on your website. It`s bookmarked here now.
    In re the discussion thread: As a web consumer, I find less saturated colors to be easier on the eyes. But the next hot rock band, for example, can`t convey the appropriate image to the right target audience with pastels on a white background.  So I`d expect to see nighttime colors - gray on black, dark purples with a grunge-y design using a bright, contrasting accent color that suggests neon lights, and silhouettes.
    The panetone folks have made a science of color trends, of course. My own observation is that orange, which was the rage on the web a couple of years ago, has run its course.  I see it now primarily with retro designs. Pale blue/grey on white was also prevalent and seems a bit dated now.
    I`m seeing a lot of brown with aqua blue now, on the web and everywhere from women`s clothing to home decor, and I see a lot less red. A lot of smartly designed websites are being done in shades of khaki and green.  
  • DesignGuruDesignGuru subscriber Posts: 0
    Why do you have to be such a prick. ITS JUST A FREAKIN QUESTION!!! You shouldn`t even be commenting on peoples logos or websites when yours is amature at best. Your flash design looks like it came from the 80`s.
    Just some advice ..... You may want to start being more tactful with people if you ever want to get any business from this site. People aren`t joining this great community to have someone like you berate them for every question they ask. So stop being rude and start helping people.
    By the way my favorite colors are RED, WHITE and BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DesignGuru2007-5-22 15:13:36
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    The panetone folks have made a science of color trends, of course. Thanks for the compliment.  In regards to your mention of Pantone, here are some great related links:PantonePantone Color Think TankLeatrice Eiseman/Color Expert- J.
  • JyllhyllJyllhyll subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, this is the first time I ever posted, but what the heck. I talk about my color every day.
    As I do believe I understand the original question , I like a muted turquoise. My other color that has drawn me in over the years, a muted mustard. Like Grey Poupon, not French`s. Neither would ever be called my favs. My favorites have been burgundys of many shades.
    The mustard color does not thrive in my ....oh, my , I almost said it isn`t to be found in my house or decorating scheme, but I am wrong. I call in gold when it hangs from the curtain rods or it sits on a throw pillow. Wow, a self revelation.
    My logo and my marketing color is PINK , Pink , pink. It`s a pantone color and I must say, it`s working for me. It is not the juxtapostion of the forklifts, but it lends itself to the wifely business of the errand and concierge industry.  The pink is strong and fairly bright ( not a girly prissy pink) and stands out next to the black I use around it ( Black car, text, clothes). People see it, recognize it, mention it everday ...." Hey , I saw you in Royal Oak the other day!"  or " you shop here all the time !" as I wear a pink shirt with my black embroidery.
    Yeah, I branded myself pink, and there ain`t no turning back.
  • PeggyFairPeggyFair subscriber Posts: 0
    This is a tough question. When I look at a logo, the first thing I notice is the actual design. Does it look like something that a professional designed, is one of the questions I ask myself. Me personally, I LOVE vintage designs. I really like earth tones, but if its a logo for a young, hip business, I guess I would like loud colors like red, orange, purple or some other "citrusy" type color. So I guess what I`m saying is that it just depends on the logo.
  • SGPRSGPR subscriber Posts: 0
    The colors that stand out for me the most are blues and reds. some of the largest corporations use those colors in their branding i.e. Microsoft, Deloitte & Touche, IBM, Rogers Communications in Canada, AT &T, Bell, etc.
  • JanetFJanetF subscriber Posts: 4
    I think there is no "real" answer to this, although it IS a very interesting question. Sure- there are colors that everyone prefers personally, but at the same time they don`t necessarily prefer those same colors if they mislead you from what the company`s objective is. The pink truck is an exception I suppose. I think overall it definitely is good to stick with color schemes that go together. There tend to be certain colors, as others have mentioned, that represent a company in a specific industry.
    And also, like Peggy said..the first thing I notice is the design of the logo. I also notice the actual company name. I have people laughing at my husband`s car (therefore, NOTICING it) all the time. This isn`t because it has funky or strange colors or because he`s driving a rusty piece of junk. It`s because of the name of his company. They laugh and hopefully the name sticks in their head.JanetF2007-5-25 16:27:19
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    the answer is purple - always purple
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