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Hey everyone.I`m hoping I can get some StartUp Nationals to review our new website. It`s a concept called "politmus." The idea developed out of some conversations about politics and the wisdom of crowds. I currently work in a pretty politically charged environment. A lot of lefties. I have a lot of friends, also, who are righties. All of them complain that it`s hard to get the unbiased truth from the media.We`re hoping Politmus can help by allowing people a chance to register their opinions on media bias, combine these opinions with a community rating, and then serve as a "guide" as they explore new websites.Check it out, and let me know what you think.</A>The site is in, I guess you would call it, pre-beta mode, but we hope to use your comments to evolve this community concept as far as we can take it.
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    regarding whether people would already know a site`s policical bent, i believe this is not only about what people know but about what people want to EXPRESS.
    anything political is charged with "opinion" and i LOVE this concept. i think people will jump all over it.  
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    Thanks for the comments!
    Interesting concept, but wouldn`t people already know that a site has a conservative or progressive bias? render properly. As far as progressive or conservative, I have friends on both sides who claim the same site is both skewed right... or skewed left, depending on their affiliation... and also the amount of coffee and/or beer they`ve injested.
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    Another feature we`re planning... in fact, our developer may have already included it... will allow you to rate individual stories or blog posts--which will then aggregate to influence the overall site rating.
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    Interesting concept Swayne, my biggest issue is with the performance of the site - new windows, resized windows, funky windows - I exclusively use FF, so maybe this isn`t an issue in IE, but I`d work on shifting the functionality so that I can remain in one screen and take the actions you want me to take (didn`t seem like there was anything that couldn`t be accomplished without the new & resized windows).
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    I appreciate all the feedback. This is really good stuff. And, we alrady have some ideas how to make this more user friendly.The funny thing... I checked Google Analytics and was expecting hits from around the country... but people have visited from all over the world! Europe.. South America... Now, that`s reach.Should Startup Nation be renamed Startup International?
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    I was very excited about this site when I first saw it.  The window resizing (and having to manually close the `rated site` window) is a bit annoying.  However, the biggest thing I noticed was that when I rated several sites, there were a few times when my rating didn`t record accurately as it would be way off from what I voted. 
    If these things are fixed, then I would definitely use this site very often.  I like the concept and will be sharing the site with my friends.
    Good Luck Politmus!
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    Thanks CreativeGal--I`ll add that to the list of things we need to work on.I appreciate the feedback.The Swaynester
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    Hello all.If you`re interested, we`ve made some modifications based on the suggestions. We`re still working on the rest.Let me know what you</A>The Swaynester
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