Hello all, new to StartUp

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I found this forum while researching startup funding options for a restaurant I hope to open in 2008.
Looking forward to learning a lot and hope I can contribute in return.


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    it`s great to have new enthusiasts in the StartupNation community, QuoVadis!
    what kind of restaurant??? i`m a professional eater...
  • QuoVadisQuoVadis subscriber Posts: 2
     I have two business plans I`m shopping and will implement depending on what kind of structure I can find to house it in- I`m counting on hitting the distress sales that always happen in the restaurant scene come early February.
     Both are based on offering late night drinking and dining options- something that Portland is crying out for. We`ve got a huge number of industry professionals with no where to go after they get off of work.
     One is to do a Japanese izakaya format and the other is to offer more of an upscale lounge atmosphere with a big focus on updated "hangover/comfort" foods.
     Hopefully what I can`t offer by way of start up advice of my own here I can make up for with cooking/restaurant tips in the foodie forum.
     Thanks for the welcome!
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    Welcome aboard and best of luck with everything.  You`ll do fine, I`m sure.  I actually like both ideas, maybe have 2 restuarants in 1. 
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    Welcome aboard....and good luck with your restaurant!
  • QuoVadisQuoVadis subscriber Posts: 2
    Actually, worked with Ramsay back in `99.
    He`s actually nothing like in the shows.
    First time I saw him I laughed out loud.
    Depending on where you`re at I can tell you where some great sake bars are around the country. We have one really excellent one here in Portland and I know of a couple in the SF/NorthBay area..
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