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I just got this in an email from my college`s alumni networking list.  I have no affiliation with this whatsoever, but I thought it might be of interest to the folks in this forum.**********MSNBC`s "Your Business" focuses exclusively on America`s small-businessentrepreneurs. The program is the place to go for news, advice, guidanceand tips for people who own businesses. We have a segment called the"Elevator Pitch;" this is a unique segment in which entrepreneurs get achance to pitch their new businesses or expansion idea for capital to apanel of experienced experts. This is the first stop for entrepreneursthat have a product or service they want feedback on from ourelevator-pitch panel and get a good idea of what kind of interest theywould get from investors. If you are interested, please include a shortsummary of what your company does, how much money you`re trying to raiseand what you intend to do with it, along with two contact numbers.Contact: Danielle Pisano, [url=mailto:[email protected]%20%20%20][/url][email protected]


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    we`ve been judges on their show in their virtual elevator (it actually happens in front of a green screen).it`s a great production and there`s good value in it. i`d be happy to personally recommend anyone who`s interested in being a pitcher there as i am well acquainted with jj ramberg, the host, and danielle pisano, the product.rich
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    If you would like to get some practice, come on StartupNation Radio and give your pitch to the Sloan brothers.
    Contact me at: [email protected]</A>
    Alison Hofley
    Producer - StartupNation Radio
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