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We need marketing ideas!

ahsandmoreahsandmore subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Marketing
Help, does anyone have any other marketing ideas for our home staging business?
So far we have: business cards, flyers, advertised in newspapers and online.
Any other ideas would be great.
Thanks, Angee "Alluring Home Stagings and More"ahsandmore2007-8-17 0:37:3


  • Jason5yuanJason5yuan subscriber Posts: 3
    One thing I have learned is to exceed your clients expectations. Word of
    mouth advertising is by far the best advertising for us.

    As for your business, what about giving a piece of the home staging
    decoration (with your logo or contact info) to the new house owner?
    Something really works well in the house could generate some conversation
    for the home warming parties.

    If you need asian accents, you should definitely check out my store. Our
    wholesale limit is pretty low. our site is http://www.galleriapangea.comJason5yuan2007-8-17 3:35:41
  • Jason5yuanJason5yuan subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Rick,

    How much are you paying for the current site? Have you heard of
    Digitalrailroad.net? It`s a photography/ecommerce platform for
    professional photographers. Easy to use, integrated with all the
    ecommerce, lightbox, search abilities. Also, you can submit your photos
    to their market place. Newspaper or magazines might buy your photos
    from there.

    It costs about 400 something per year. 20 gigs of storage. I think it is
    worth to check out. I am a member too. (I landed my first photography
    assistant job through the website).

    digitalrairoad.net (my referral id is 94284 if you decide to try it. free to
    try for 30 days)

    Jason5yuan2007-8-20 2:26:18
  • AnnettesavAnnettesav subscriber Posts: 0
    I believe you left out the L in railroad. Try it as www.digitalrailroad.net</A>  GOod Luck
  • katescapekatescape subscriber Posts: 0
    Anyone seen Intuit`s new Jingle Generator? It`s a great marketing solution for small businesses!
    It`s  meant to engage small businesses and help them attract new customers. It allows you to type or phone in your company info, and in minutes you have fun, branded content to share with anyone.
    They`re hosting it at http://thejinglegenerator.com
    Is anyone else using interactive media to create viral campaigns that support business or reach new customers? And how?
  • top5videostop5videos subscriber Posts: 0
    There are many marketing methods which you can use to do marketing of your website. I would like to share that one such great method is Video submission. Get a video developed by professionals and start sharing it in video sharing site to attract more visitors to your site.
  • jacktrumanjacktruman subscriber Posts: 0
    See this best, reliable and cheap offers from DigitekSF, http://www.digiteksf.com/pricing/ they offers printing service, designing and marketing and more.
  • seanaherne142seanaherne142 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    try partnering with real estate agents. I would go around and talk to all of the brokerages, and offer them a comission for any business they send to you, maybe 15 to 20%.
  • LilacJamesLilacJames subscriber Posts: 0
    Try email marketing! Any questions just drop me a message I'll be more than happy for offer some advice!
  • QTechDQTechD subscriber Posts: 0
    You mentioned "online" as a part of your marketing strategy. I am curious to know which online avenues you are already exploring. Do you only have a site? Or any online strategies already in place?

    I tried to look at your site but had some trouble pulling it up. I would also strongly encourage a sound email campaign as LilacJames already mentioned.

    Feel free to message me I'd be glad to help!
  • CJAFCJAF subscriber Posts: 0
    One thing you can do that will bring you several marketing insights is monitoring your competitors. By knowing what your competition is doing, you can improve your own marketing strategies. At my company, for example, we discovered a whole new - and efficient - marketing channel by observing the traffic sources of a competitor.

    I would recommend using Rivalfox (http://www.rivalfox.com). With this tool you are able to have a 360-degree view of what your competition is doing, and thus improve your own strategy.
  • eric3eric3 subscriber Posts: 4
    Every area has Real Estate Investor meetings. House flippers will be there and they can be your best customers. Go there and network.
  • ryantcryantc subscriber Posts: 0
    Here are some inexpensive additional marketing ideas:
    Create Instructional Videos.
    Be a Savvy Social Networker.
    DIY Infographics.
    Lounge About on LinkedIn.
    Develop a Customer Referral Program.
  • WinumWinum subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    How about public relations?

    I run a PR firm where we guarantee media coverage each month. PM me and I'll send you the product sheet.
  • JoeRingJoeRing subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, this is Joe with wholesale Internet Solutions a partner of Google,
    I would like to boost your business by offering a Google spot with your own call button
    next to your name and an ad that would be live in less than 3 days so that when people search from their
    phone or tablet any key word about your business in general they will pull you up first in the Google search and can tap the call button
    to call you. sound nice? call me I have one spot in your area that only you will own.
    $300.00 to start 200.00 mo there after. Thank you my team and I look forward to assisting you
    541-519-7080 Joe
  • GHackLabsGHackLabs subscriber Posts: 0
    If you have a website, Email me at [email protected] and I'll take a look at it. I might be able to give you some ideas.
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