Location of Angel/Private Investors

finqueenfinqueen Posts: 1subscriber
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Through hard work via cold calls, direct mail, networking  and determination.  I have finally obtain REAL investors.
The cost to locate these individuals/groups was well worth the price.  Initially, I tried to locate investors through companies with websites who claim that they have multiple investors, and for a fee, you will be matched with an investor.
After spending countless dollars, I finally realized that if I want to locate legitimate investors, I would have to do this on my on.  So, I did.
I now have a database of over 1000 investors who are actively seeking projects to fund.  Although, it took many months to obtain this list it can be done.
Patience is a virtual.......
If anyone needs assistance, I will gladly show you how.  Those companies that claim to have investors are just taking your money.


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