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I am looking to start a new consulting business combining two of my passions: sales and start ups. I've worked in sales for a number of years and want to be able to help growing businesses get off the ground and build a culture of sales. Is this a service many in the Startup Nation community would find valuable? If so where would you look to get this kind of support? I look forward to the conversation!


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    What I think it would be helpful and valuable for customers would be a consulting service that prepares clients for the entire sales funnel, from the awareness stage all the way through the purchase stage and retention stage. I would also want a consulting service that understands the importance of inbound marketing and content marketing tactics, and doesn't neglect that aspect of attracting customers and keeping them on the correct path for purchasing and retention.  

    For me, I don't just want to be told how to do something, I want to be shown with real world examples. There's a big difference between words and actions. So if I were a prospective client, and you were able to prove to me your methods work, then I would find it valuable and pay for your services. 
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    If I was looking for such service, you could have my attention by offering free practical knowledge first. You could show some expertise, build trust and then offer your help.
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