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Ryan O'Bleness
Birmingham, Mich.
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I am the community manager and associate editor at StartupNation Media Group, LLC. Working along side serial entrepreneurs Jeff and Rich Sloan, my knowledge of startups and small business is ever-evolving. Beyond entrepreneurship, my areas of expertise include writing, public relations, community management, inbound marketing, sports and much more. I have written content and marketing copy for several websites and brands.
What is your dream business?
One day, I would love to open a sports marketing firm or something related to the sports industry.
Small Business, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Public Relations, Sports
Central Michigan University - Bachelor of Applied Arts, Integrative Public Relations
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Community/Public Relations Manager, StartupNation
StartupNation Media Group, LLC


  • Charles Lucas
    Hey Ryan,

    I just wanted to reach out regarding an opportunity I am offering through our business. As we grow and look to expand our business into new areas we are looking to start trialing some new techniques and formulas with some businesses. With that we are offering a beta opportunity for some companies to signup in order for us to do this. I was thinking instead of putting this out to either existing clients or already established businesses, it would be a good idea to give the opportunity to some start-up companies to help them get started and generate some new business. I was wondering with you moderating the forum here if you had any in mind that would be a good candidate for this?

    If so you can direct them to this URL and they can submit their information to the form:
    June 28
    • Charles Lucas
      Charles Lucas
      We are going to be taking on 2-3 companies for this and it will run for 1 month (possibly longer). There is no obligation or anything just that they be able to provide us some feedback throughout the term. The only requirement is that they are a B2B company. It can be any type of B2B company though, for example: Exporters, Trade Company, Supplier, Manufacturers, Software Company, Wholesaler, Service provider etc....

      At the very least with this they will get some real leads to new buyers/clients for their products and services, that they may not have had access to.

      (I split it into two comments since could not fit it all in one)
    • Ryan O'Bleness
      Ryan O'Bleness
      Hi, Charles. A few questions.

      1. Is there a fee for these companies to sign up?
      2. What techniques or formulas are you referring to? Strictly lead generation, or also how to close a sale?
      3. Is this in-person, online or over the phone training?

      I don't have any specific companies that come to my mind, but if I see any I'll send them your way.

      Also, you have my permission to post this in ONE category only, but remember you haven't reached ten posts yet, so you don't have the permission to post links. I would suggest replying to a few more posts with RELEVANT and HELPFUL information regarding the topic.

    • Charles Lucas
      Charles Lucas
      Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      In regards to your questions please note:

      1) There would be no cost at all for the beta program, nor any obligation. To apply simply fill out the form at: and we will be selecting 2-3 companies for this from the submissions and will run for atleast 1 month.

      2) The formula and technicques would be something we are trialing on our end itself. On the client end it would be strictly lead/customer generation, so we would provide the client the leads to the customers/buyers after they had been prospected.

      3) There would not really be any training, since on the client end they are simply just provided with the leads of the customers/buyers. However correspondence with the client would be via email, chat or phone.
    • Charles Lucas
      Charles Lucas
      Basically what we are looking for is just a few clients (possibly within markets we do not already work) where we can trial some new techniques on our end for customer generation. This is the value we are getting from the free beta program. Only requirement as noted would be that they offer a B2B product or service. On the client end they in turn will get some actual customer generation for their business itself. This is why I had thought may be a good idea to offer this free beta program out to start-up companies since at the very least they should generate some new customers and business from this.

      Thanks for the approval to post this in one thread, this is why I had posted it just as a question to you first as I didn't want to come across as promoting our company since that is not what I am trying to do with this.
    • Ryan O'Bleness
      Ryan O'Bleness
      I'll keep an eye out for any companies that meet the description.
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