Cold Calling Tactics?

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Looking for some tips and insight on how to improve my cold calling sales experience with prospective clients. Any ideas besides being as authentic as possible?


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    Here is what I recommend:

    Make your calls 5-10 mins before the hour. When you connect, you basically want to say something along the following lines:


    Hi [name],

    Our mutual acquaintance [name] suggested I should take a look at what you do.

    I've been looking at your service this morning and think we can improve X by Y and had to get in touch.

    I'm about to dash into a meeting so can't talk for long now, how about we set up a 20 minute call later this afternoon and I'll run you through it?


    The basic structure is the same structure I use myself for any form of cold contact. 

    1. Establish a social or personal connection

    2. Quickly demonstrate why you are calling and should be listened to

    3. Ask a straightforward yes/no question

    Good luck!

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    @McCandless, great thoughts and strategy. 

    Cold calling is nerve-racking because, let's face it, nobody wants to receive a random call from a stranger trying to sell you something or get your business. 

    I think this is a good general structure to follow. The only thing I would add is, although you can follow the general conversation every time, change it up a bit with each person you speak to. Ask them a question about their day or tell a quick anecdote to lighten the mode and show you are being personable. Don't use a cookie-cutter approach. 

    Like McCandless said, keep it short, be personal and form a connection.  
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