Hey All ! - Do not know where to start !

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Hey Everyone,

I been reading this forum for a little while so I decided to finally make an account.

I have always been fascinated about Business and Of course making money.

I been working in IT for 7 years now and while I loved it and was my passion over the last couple of years the love was not there and something within me says its boring and I have no passion and love for it no more - even though I had very great success and moved up very fast and made very good money.

I believe I am more of a entrepreneur and I been thinking openly about ideas and business ideas that could be useful to the world but could not find any (I'm still thinking)

I have more money than this but I am willing to spend like $90,000

is this enough? to start and grow a successful business.

I know its a long hard road ! and I am ready for the challenges !

Over the years I realized I have a bigger passion for fitness like bodybuilding and stuff and I gym a lot.

Maybe something in fitness?

Does anyone have any ideas?

I don't know where to start !


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    Welcome to the StartupNation community!

    Each business differs in terms of how much startup capital it takes to start a business. It obviously depends on many factors, such as the type of business it is, equipment needed, employees, product development and research costs, etc. So your question is hard to answer. I would say that $90,000 could surely be enough to start many businesses, but you need to determine what exactly your business is first before you can estimate costs.

    According to an article I recently read from the Small Business Administration, the average cost of a startup is about $30,000. However, many businesses cost less than $10,000 to start, while many others may cost more than $30,000.

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