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Social Media Marketing Resources

IcarusHasFallenIcarusHasFallen subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2016 in Social Media Marketing
Hey Everyone,

so i started a little social media marketing "company" with a friend of mine. we have gained consent from one of the business owners in our town to oversee her Instagram for free in hopes to help her business grow and so we can gain experience in this field. obviously, we will need more information on other platforms and on the entire subject iitself. i have no previous experience in marketing ( or business in general). i'm trying my best to figure this out as i go ad make it work but i really don't know where to start. What books, resources, and tips can you, the community, suggest to someone who is in my shoes? all points of view are appreciated. thank you.


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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Hi there.

    Some good websites to check out and read up on articles about the newest marketing, public relations or advertising strategies and trends include HubSpot, Moz, Kissmetrics, Social Media Examiner, Optimizely, Advertising Age, Neil Patel, PR Daily, Inbound.org, Search Engine Land and many others.

    As I just mentioned in a previous post, there are several sites where you can get certified in certain marketing strategies. Google Analytics, for example, offers an academy where you can earn a certification online in things like Google Analytics Fundamentals, Mobile App Fundamentals, Ecommerce Analytics and more. HubSpot offers free certification courses on inbound marketing, email marketing and more.

    You may also want to use sites like Quora to ask advice from experts in the fields of marketing and social media marketing. Additionally, you may want to consider finding a resource, such as a mentor or somebody you can shadow for a week or so to pick their brain and gain insights and advice.
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    Janak PanchalJanak Panchal subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    This rundown of online networking promoting assets is to grow your insight into the scene. They're valuable for novices and experienced online networking experts hoping to sharpen their aptitudes.

    Notwithstanding all the more comprehensively online networking centered data, there are proposals for more focused on offerings, for example, Facebook and Twitter.

    In the soul of helping the online networking showcasing group, please don't hesitate to share the connection to this page and in addition to connection to it. Moreover, your remarks and recommendations for different references are welcome in the remarks segment of this page. Simply look to the base of this long page.

    1 Mashable. This is the go to resource for all things social media.
    2 Smart Brief for Social Media. Is a tailored daily newsletter round up the top social media stories of the day. Its editorial team boasts Andy Sernovitz, former CEO of WOMMA.
    3 Who’s Blogging What. Collects the best from the blogsphere. It’s often the source of good social media nuggets.
    4 Hubspot. Home of Mike Volpe and Dan Zarella. Hubspot has a good blog, frequent distribution of social media data and webinars. Be warned that they’re an Internet marketing company and have an agenda.
    3 WOMMA. Stands for Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Started by Pete Blackshaw, it’s the organization for all things buzz related. It has a useful daily newsletter.
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    lrntennetlrntennet subscriber Posts: 3
    Hey there,

    I have so many thoughts here, it's hard to know where to start!

    First off: good for you for taking on a pro bono client to learn the ropes. I know that I found internships in the past invaluable for learning the ins and outs of social.

    I know you mentioned Instagram specifically, so I'll address that. It's always best to start where you are rather than misdirect your attention to other platforms. Get really good at Instagram and see where that takes you. There are TONS of people out there who are just focusing on Instagram for business development, and it is working wonders for them.

    A great resource is Hillary Rushford. She does online seminars and has a course specifically for Instagram business-building. Also, dig into www.business.instagram.com. It is a rich resource specifically for the channel.

    Also, I think for Instagram, it's best to look at the people you admire and really study what it is that draws you to their channel. How often are they posting? How do they talk to their followers? What is their content like? What do they feature most in posts? See what works for them and what is successful, and aim to do the same for your client. I think that running social media is such an art. And art is really just copying others and making it your own. (Picasso said, "You must know the rules to know how to break them.")

    I hope this helps! I am a coach for social media marketers and entrepreneurs like yourself. Let me know if you need more insights/advice on doing this for a living! I'd be happy to chat with you more.


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    mansishende123mansishende123 subscriber Posts: 46 Bronze Level Member
    Social Media Marketing Resources is known as a Formulating the best words and hashtags, Scheduling posts,Connect with followers, Going beyond Google Analytics, The best blogs, Utilizing mobile apps, How to study the bigger picture it is helpful in a social media marketing.
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    carolfordencarolforden subscriber Posts: 2
    For Instagram, hashtags and image quality are critical. Make sure your images are bright and colorful. Use images to tell the brand story, creating a story board that relates to and engages your target audience.

    Look at competitors feeds to see what hashtags and the types of photos they are posting; narrow down your hashtags to the ones that will drive the most traffic and engagement. Engagement is the key and will drive traffic to your customers website.

    Hope this helps , if I can assist further, please let me know.

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    PaulSCambellPaulSCambell subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
    Here are some of the social media marketing resources:
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    amanshastry43amanshastry43 subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
    Try HubSpot best resources providing platform for SMM
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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited February 2017
    @amanshastry43, HubSpot is amazing. It's pricey for small businesses, but it is a great platform for inbound marketing and taking your users through marketing or purchasing funnels -- on top of social media management tools.

    The capabilities are astonishing and I learn something new pretty much every day. You can schedule all of your social posts through HubSpot, as well as monitor your mentions and competitors' activities. There are also several reports at your disposal. 

    The workflows are quite handy for email marketing, but I am still trying to master those. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    amanshastry43amanshastry43 subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
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    Adam JonesAdam Jones subscriber Posts: 124 Silver Level Member
    We live in an increasingly globalized age and knowing the difference between a Like or a Follower can be a defining factor in a company’s success.
    7 best resources for social media marketing.
    1. Formulating the best words and hashtags
    2. Scheduling posts
    3. Connect with followers
    4. Going beyond Google Analytics
    5. Going beyond Google Analytics
    6. Utilizing mobile apps
    7. How to study the bigger picture
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    Steffi DsouzaSteffi Dsouza subscriber Posts: 98 Silver Level Member
    edited May 2017

    As a social media marketer, you know that having your finger on the pulse of the digital world is crucial to success. You need to be constantly learning and gaining new skills. But finding the time to not only learn new skills, but master them, can be a challenge.

    The best free resources and tools for social media marketers

    2/ Stay Focused
    3/ Hootsuite Academy
    4/ MarketingProfs
    5/ Pinterest
    6/ Hemingway App
    7/ Buzzsumo
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    salenadamsalenadam subscriber Posts: 99 Silver Level Member

    Resources of social media marketing are:
    Stay focused
    Hemingway App

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    arjun123arjun123 subscriber Posts: 114 Silver Level Member
    Social media is a powerful business tool, but not everyone uses it effectively. Stay focused
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