I've got a new business idea but ... will it work!?

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Hello there!

I’m thinking to offer a new service to Human Recruiting world through internet.

It’s a new way to find the employee that best fit your requirement and It will be called Shadow Me. It will consist, as the name clearly says, in following an Entrepreneur/Employee during his work day in order to have a better understanding of the surrounding environment. The shadowing can last from 1 day to 1 month and can be unpaid.

Meanwhile I can find plenty of advantages for “The Shadowee” side (such as testing environment, experiment new job/path, expand skills and demonstrate how much you value) I’m struggling to balance advantages and risks on the “Shadower” side. I believe that having a person around you can be an hassle if not done in the right way.

I would love to hear your opinion concerning this topic and how you will rate the success of this project in your area of competence.
Thanks a lot for you cooperation!!


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    Interesting idea! I think you are right that the "Shadower" may not have as many advantages as the "Shadowee," and that this kind of opportunity would have to be executed strategically. However, I think it could be a mutually beneficial relationship.

    You have already cited several advantages for the "Shadower," but here are a few for the "Shadower" as well:

    -Giving back: It would be an opportunity for somebody who is established in the business/entrepreneurship field to give advice and teach the ropes to those looking to enter the field. We all had to start somewhere.

    -It can help make them a better employee: The "Shadower" must remain laser-focused and ultra-productive in order to show somebody shadowing him/her how to properly get the job done. It's easy to get in a routine, this could be a reminder to get more motivated.

    -It promotes knowledge: A person who is shadowing is going to have plenty of questions. You, as the "Shadower," are able to release your wisdom upon a person who is looking for all of the advice he/she can get right now. Knowledge is a powerful thing, and you can be the source of it because you've been there already.

    -It is a platform to show off the company culture: When you're allowing somebody to shadow you, they're not just shadowing an individual, they are getting a sense of the company atmosphere as a whole. If your company has a friendly, hard-working atmosphere, it's going to resonate with the "Shadowee" -- who is likely to tell people all about it.

    I hope that short list leads you toward the right direction, and I hope you are able to carry out this great idea. I am interested to see what the community has to say about this.
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