Anyone here start a recruiting firm?

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I am seriously considering starting a recruiting firm.  I was wondering if any of you can help.  I hope to hear from Joel as well.  I am considering starting it part time and keeping my current job as an engineering manager.  Is it wrong for me to start a engineering recruiting firm and still be employed?  I am also considering trying to make a deal with my current employer to work part time and focus on the business in the afternoons.  What do you all think????


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    Good Day Tim,
    I saw your post on and have a few questions.  I have past experience recruiting and training in-house employees for various companies.  I`m currently in real-estate, but would like to return to the field and start my own agency.
    Any advice?  Are there any financing options available that you`re aware of?  How about starting from home at first? Contract rates?
    Let me know and I would greatly appreciate any other suggestions!
    Rick Bartlett
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    I think it's ok to start a part time online business but not a physical one as you might be liable for lawsuits depending on the terms on your employment contract.
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