How to Get Published?!?



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    re: best seller`s lists...when we published our book through Doubleday in 2005, they told us we had to sell 2,500 books/week to make the best seller`s list. but each list uses slightly different indicators and stats to determine their "best" list.
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    Hi Kristen.  Congrats on your book!  Very exciting.  I have a question...How did you do your artwork?  Did you make it or have someone do it for you?  Congratulations on your success.Jerri
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    Hi Kristin,
    Congrats on your book! Now you can refer your book link to the media and other potential sponsors.
    As previous experts have mentioned, your marketing campaign has just begun. To keep things growing, try to contact at least three new reviewers/sponsors/partners a day. You never know who will love your book and start marketing it to others via word of mouth!
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    Hi Jerri,
    Thank you for your kind comments!  Cover design was part of the iUniverse package, so I must give the credit to them!  I had some input, but they did most of the work.
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    Hi Melanie!
    You`re exactly right...three a week is a great goal.  Being busy is no excuse, so you`ve motivated me to spend more time on book promotion. 
    Thank you!
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