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A website is an important part of doing business and if you only do business online, it`s certainly a critical part.
How to improve my search results? What keywords to target? To what directories should I submit my website? What is my website lacking? Are some of the questions commonly asked by people planning a site or seeking to improve their conversion results.
The web is a vast resource of information ranging from reliable to outdated. To help you improve your site I`ve compiled some website resources. These include webmaster tools, keyword tools, a list of SEO friendly directories, and sites that can tell you what people have been searching for at Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo...etc.


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    Basically, a directory is a list of websites. Usually the list is sorted / indexed by topic or category so the viewer can find a website related to a topic. It is similar the SUN`s "marketplace"... where you have various categories and websites listed in each category.
    Most directories display a link to the website (using the domain name -URL of the site or a keyword link) and a short description of the site. This information is provided by the website owner when they submit their site to the directory.
    When submitting your site to a directory you want to use your targeted keywords - in the link (if allowed) and the site description. CAUTION: It is important they you ONLY submit your site to SEO friendly directories and avoid "link farms". The ecommerce link I provided goes to a source of SEO friendly directories.
    The importance of submitting to directories - they provide "backlinks" to your website...which help elevate your site`s popularity and visits from search engine bots.
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    Thanks for the links Roland, I`m going to go check them out right now.

    Thanks also to Craig for referring me to this post.

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    Perhaps the most important directory on the Internet is "The Open Directory"  This was a seminal project which started prior to the existence of search engines, when directories were very important.  Check it out!Scott
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