Hello from Louisiana,

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I am 26 and a single mom. I am wanting to work online but not sure of what I can do right now to bring some money in. I`m studying Derek Gehl`s Online marketing course now when my son is asleep. I`m wanting to create an online community for single stay at home moms like me. I just need to decide on what kind of content and features I`d like on there. If anyone has any tips or experience with that, please let me know.


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    basically a social network for stay @ home mom`s would be easy i guess since there is TON and 2 well you just make subjects on your social network mom`s can relate to. Mostly with bringing up their kids/teens in a new bent economic culture and also where everything is Electronic and online so i would base some of the content reguarding that.
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    Hi LAMOM. A great resource for you may be workitmom.com . Welcome to SUN!!
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