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what is email marketing?

binarynpixelbinarynpixel subscriber Posts: 40 Member
edited January 2017 in Marketing
Hello Gusy,
Please help me to know about email marketing. what is that and what it's advantage. please share your reviews.


  • Robins778Robins778 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Email Marketing is use to aware people about your brand or product through Emails. The targeted URL may use in Email Mail signature or may directly advertise with some promotion strategies.
  • oldnoveloldnovel subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    You cannot just sent email with your product to a potential customer. First you need to send email to ask if he is interested, then you can send him an offer. Otherwise it is spam.
  • venmalathyvenmalathy subscriber Posts: 0

    What is E-Mail Marketing?
    Email marketing is way of marketing in which we send mails to our customers or subscribers regarding our product or business information including latest offers an other information.
    Advantages of E-Mail Marketing:
    As per my personal view,there are few major benefits offered by email marketing. I would like to mention few of them like:1. Email marketing helps in organizing the current network of contacts. It helps in organizing the existing clients, past clients, potential clients, association members, networking contacts etc.2. It provides an ability to design an email newsletter template to match the current branding standards. Important elements include colors, logos, layouts etc.3. The biggest advantage of email marketing is the ability to capture visitors towards the website. It will allow the website visitors to enter the contact information.4.Email marketing also helps in monitoring the results.Parameters kept into account while analyzing the result are looking at details such as open rates, click-through's and unsubscribes.I got Express E-Mail marketing service for my website from Thewebpole.com for $9.99USD/month.This is best marketing technique which helped to increase my business.
  • XimalRokasXimalRokas subscriber Posts: 0
    E-mail Marketing is use to aware people about your item or item through E-mails. The focused URL may use in E-mail trademark or may straightly promote with some marketing techniques.
  • stevehendersonstevehenderson subscriber Posts: 0
    A type of direct digital marketingthat uses electronic mail (also called email or e-mail) as the marketing communication delivery method. Email marketing is used in a number of ways by organizations and marketers for brand and customer loyalty building, acquiring or converting customers, company advertisements, or for communicating promotional offers and more.
  • BusinessCouponsBusinessCoupons subscriber Posts: 0
    Constant Contact is an example of an email marketing software. They offer promotions as well as other email
    marketing companies at our website: http://www.mybusinesscoupons.com
  • AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
    One of the best way of getting e-mail addresses is newsletter. You get people who are potentially interested, not people who would throw everthing to spam without even looking at it.
  • jerryshawjerryshaw subscriber Posts: 0
    You're a unique author with the ability to put your views into crystal clear sentences. Anyone must be able to understand this.
  • TwoCentsTwoCents subscriber Posts: 0
    Whatever you think it is, please never use Outlook for sending e-newsletters to prospective clients!

  • fliflakzakfliflakzak subscriber Posts: 0
    E-Mail Marketing is a good way to make you and your business known and also to increase leads.
    There might be lots of different ways that you can use email marketing. From my perspective two of them have proofed to be really good.
    #1: Send people emails on a regular basis, offer them real good content and direct them to a informative page were they gain value from. On this page you can link to further products & services that might cost something and should relate to your informative post. If you link to running shoes, you should also make your blogpost around this theme. Unfortunately marketers often link to completely different things then. I would recommend using mail chimp to send emails on a regular (maybe even) automated basis.
    #2 Send newsletters to your subscribers
    Send your subscriber list valuable newsletters and connect with your audience. You can implement links to products or service that you want to sell, but I would rather recommend providing real value.
    Which ways did you discover as most valuable? Would be interesting to here?


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  • jerryshawjerryshaw subscriber Posts: 0
    The best source of information is startupnation and I'm going to bookmark it.
    http://buildmygamingpc.com for PCs
  • webservicescoachwebservicescoach subscriber Posts: 0
    oldnovel said: "You cannot just sent email with your product to a potential customer. First you need to send email to ask if he is interested, then you can send him an offer. Otherwise it is spam."

    One of my clients is a doctor and he's been emailing to 40 to 100 doctors a day (unsolicited) for the past two years...and yes he bought a list. He just crossed his 100th paying 'member' to his program which costs several thousand dollars a year to be part of.

    My point: It's not "spam" itself that is so despised by the world, it's using poorly constructed techniques.
  • TerryhopperTerryhopper subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Email marketing is a great business for everyone. Here you can make money online.
  • bhupirana79bhupirana79 subscriber Posts: 0
    E-mail marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.
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