Starting idea for new business

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I found then I have a time and I always wants to have my own product, which I can sell online. I googled and read some blogs about starting business, and I found then most of the succesful business have clients before then start business, so they have idea.
Right now I have a problems then I dont' have any idea about the business. I have some limitation, such as:
I am .NET developer, so the business should be something I can create using .NET
I believe it should be some kind of service which I can sell to big companies (subscription around $300 /month)
Probably it can be related to social media (twitter, facebook) or marketing (my product should help them sell there products)
I have money, so I don't need investment
I also have time on the weekends and evenings (I plan to work along at least in the beginning)
But that's it, I don't really have idea what the business should be.
Can you suggest, is it any website where I can get/buy ideas? Where usually people like you get your ideas?


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