The new site is open for business

CaboBillCaboBill subscriber Posts: 13
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I have recently reopened my Cabo Loco t-shirt site on (</A> ).  The shirts, sweatshirts and accessories all have a classy, tropical theme to them.  I know that I will need some help with some HTML stuff for the site, but I would love to hear what you all think of the designs and the layout of the site.  Any and all input is greatly appreciated; good, bad, or indifferent.  If you see something you like, or something a friend would like, please let them know about the site.
Thanks to you all,


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Looks pretty good Bill, I had the same question as Craig about costs; I`m familiar with CafePress, but haven`t seen these seemingly more personalized storefronts (admittedly I haven`t followed them for some time).  What`s the cost and effort involved in setting one up (I`m sure the community would be interested to find out about your experience with this service).
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