How do you balance work and life?



  • gambitgambit Posts: 31subscriber Bronze Level Member
    This would vary depending on a persons lifestyle. It would be definitely different from someone who is married to someone and to someone who has a kid. It would also vary depending on what personality you have. It would be a good idea to first understand what you're threshold is and shape your work on that.
    Tips to bring in the work life balance
    1. Don’t bring work home

    2. Start with making small changes

    3. Perfection is an illusion

    4. Share the workload

    5. Learn to say no

    6. Meditate and exercise

    7. Avoid procrastinating
  • Debvie MedinaDebvie Medina Posts: 10subscriber Member
    Hello there! In my opinion, make sure to set goals and make plans ahead of the day so that you will be able to do the tasks and appointments at the same time you will be able to have time to your family as well.
  • Tom AdamsTom Adams Posts: 70subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I'm such a kind of person that when I come home, I forget all my work routine 
  • sarahcampbellsarahcampbell 707 South Nichols St. Buffalo, NYPosts: 1subscriber Member
    Very simply: whatever makes you happy, whatever you find fulfilling and which helps you stay healthy.
    It varies tremendously. I know people who absolutely LOVE their job, and they are bored or sad when the weekend comes along because they really look forward to Monday. S’okay. If that wobbles your oyster, then knock yourself out.
    Other people I know carry out their jobs because they need to pay the rent, but they really only wake up when they are out running or dancing…
    It will depend very much on who you are, whether you are in a relationship (and what kind of relationship), what you enjoy…
    Personally, I find it varies depending on my current workload.
  • Sandra YanceySandra Yancey Dallas , Texas , 75254Posts: 33subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Great Share!!
    If we focus too much on our careers our personal life suffers, and if we focus too much on family it seems we will not achieve the success we want - and then there are the household obligations, volunteer opportunities, health and fitness responsibilities, oh and if there is any time left at all maybe you can find time to do something you want to do just because. 
    So, I want to say listen to your heart!! You only have one life and you get to choose what you make of it.
  • jtfoxx9826jtfoxx9826 United StatesPosts: 2subscriber Member
    Thank you sharing it. For me you can balance work and life. Example: When you plan your week, make it a point to schedule time with your family and friends, and activities that help you recharge.

    Slowly build more activities into your schedule that are important to you. Even during a hectic day, you can take 10 or 15 minutes to do something that will recharge your batteries.You have to make a little time for the things that ignite your joy. Yes social media is a distracting medium but you can use it wisely and for social talk with your friends and relatives only not for anything that distract you and others.

  • TriceTrice Posts: 14subscriber Bronze Level Member
    create "sacred spaces" for the different things you are committed to

    family and social life
    exercise etc

    creating these boundaries make you value the time you have and  the purpose for which you are working. you end up saving time and energy and living life more meaningfully

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