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Does Work Ex impacts entrepreneurship?

mohitgloriousmohitglorious subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2013 in Business Planning
Hello Everyone, 
Greetings for the day. 
Would like to start with a simple question based on research and advices, Is it necessary to have 3-5 year experience prior starting up a new business in E-commerce ? I am young and going to be 25 next year but i dreamt for making a company from the very begining. To make it a reality i studied MBA and chose a hardcore sales Job in a .com portal in India. I believed it will help me to understand various things like consumer psyche, retailing, Key account management, relationship management, back office systems, sales forecasting, target allocation, Hiring and technical aspects of the business. Its 6 months now and i would say that now i have a decent idea about the key terms i stated above in practical sense.
My question is are people going to take me seriously ? does work ex matters in start up business ? should i start the business planning and adequate research ? 
Please respond in brief. 
Thank You.


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    razvanrazvan subscriber Posts: 1
    So you already have the degree right? Whats good about that in my oppinion, is that when you will want to connect with experienced professionals, they will see your accomplishment in school, and that will be a good plus. Depending on the business, I think you can do it without that actual experience. All the ventures ive gotten in, I did a good amount of online market study and then I basically squeezed out information from competition. Back to the question though, if the business is not B2B sales, your customers are going to buy the product, and not you or your experience, so the main thing is having a good product/service. If its not private share your idea here or in private message, I always love to hear about new things and ill share my 2 cents about it. 
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    twhansburytwhansbury subscriber Posts: 2
    MBA good ideas mean nothing if you dont have the drive.  You seem like you do.  Asking if people take you serious because of age or experiance is thier own short coming.  You are here to make money and win. They can either recognise that or get out of the way.
    Keep your head up keep going.  There will be some that will get in your way and put road blocks up but you just need to keep going.
    Best of Luck!!!
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