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Website Review

PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
edited December 2006 in Website Critique
I am new to SUN and I am also new to the entrepreneur world.  I have read a lot of great posts and I am now ready to see what people think of my website.  Honestly, this is actually a little nerve racking because it opens myself up to everyone but I am willing and ready to learn what I can do to run a great website.  Please feel free to take a look at my website (www.wedustuff.com</A>) and respond with your feedback.  Thanks!


  • etiquettedivaetiquettediva subscriber Posts: 0
    PDW,I think your site it simple yet effective. I look for easy to navigate sites and yours meets my need. I didn`t have to hunt for anything. Love your name!Good luck.Robin
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Just a simple comment here. It is a little difficult to read the navigation bar on the left. I think the white writing against the gray backing is too close. I suggest using a color for the text, or adding a little more gray tone so it stands out a little more.Everything seems to function well.
  • PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
    I appreciate all the feedback so far.
    iouone2  You are the 3rd person to mention that to me.  I will make the changes,
    ElidS  I will make the appropriate changes.  One question:  What exactly should the "site map" be? 
    etiquettediva  Thank you so much for your positive feedback.
  • HeavenOnEarthHeavenOnEarth subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi PDW,The site map is a listing of all your internal hyperlinks.  It`s usually used by a visitor of your site who is looking for information that may be "buried" and hard to find just by looking at your home page.  On your site everything is exposed.  Your use-ability is pretty easy, so in my opinion I don`t think it`s completely necessary.  I would probably rename your site map to be a product listing.A site map might look like this (of course with hyperlinks):Home    About Us    Privacy Policy    Contact InformationProducts    Leather Stuff             Bags                Bag #1                Bag #2          Coats    Kitchen Stuff          Knives          ChairsSo on and so forth.  We used to have a site map on old versions of our site but have since thrown it away.  Yet we are just getting ready to revamp our site and it may be a good thing to add.  We need to make our site more user-friendly.  You might want to take a look at our site to see on that needs a site map.  We have a ton of info that can be hard to navigate through.  Another thought, I would probably move your header navigation bar down so it`s easier to access, perhaps underneath your logo.One issue that might concern me is that your products are so varied, I would want to help feature products on your home page so that people can get a "feel" for what`s inside without browsing the pages.  I might put a feature box that flashes pictures of your products on the homepage (or maybe in your left navigation bar or your header).  Stuff is such a general term that people may not know what to expect when they go through your site.  Though, I would probably try to capitalize on this generalization because of your theme, you don`t have any limits on what you can sell.  I`d probably create a slogan, something like "Where you can find anything and everything for a great price and great service!"  That`s a little lengthy, but you get the idea.  And I`d put that underneath your logo.Hope this helps and I wish you the best success!
  • PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
    This is why I love SUN.  The amount of sincere, like minded people who are willing to help out is amazing.
    HeavenOnEarth, thank you so much for your feedback.  I will be sure to take a look over your insights to see what I can do to improve my website.  I am already thinking of re-vamping how my catagories are listed to make looking for products a little more detailed, ie. Men`s Stuff vs Women`s Stuff, instead of lumping everything into one large catagory.  I will be sure to look at your website to see what you mean by having a site map.
    Thanks again!
  • SMAXSMAX subscriber Posts: 0
    The site looks good. My only comment is theme. I see a lot of Leather, biker and knife weapons stuff. but then you put in kitchen items and little teddy bear chairs etc. That REALLY throws the whole look and feel off. You might want to stick with the biker/killer theme. Also you should have a home page that introduces who you are, a mission statement and what you`re offering with maybe a sample of 3 or 4 items (specials).
  • SMAXSMAX subscriber Posts: 0
    Sorry - I see you do have a home page. My bad
  • PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
    Yes SMAX, the thought of the Teddy Bear Chairs did cross my mind.  I am not exactly going for the "Biker/Killer" theme but I understand your point.  I initially wanted to go with just leather goods but with access to such a variety of products I decided to add more and more catagories.  I should probably create a second website so that I can create more theme based sites.  Great advice.  Thanks!
  • PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
    By bubble help do you mean what comes up as you place the cursor over a link?
    I agree, the white on grey will be changed.  I am looking at several variations of the colors.
    I have reviewed several other websites and I also agree that my About Us page doesn`t really show anything "about us".
    I look forward to having my site critiqued a second time once I make some adjustments to it.  I will also ask for more detailed feedback pertaining to the different aspects of the website once I incorporate some of the changes. 
    I am happy that you took the time to give me some feedback as I have read several of your posts and was hoping you would take the time to look at my site.  I am learning everyday from the forums.  Thanks!
  • PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks Craig, I appreciate your input.  I will look towards eliminating this from the website.
    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!
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