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I have an idea for a networking website for people within my field, however I have no IT experience to create/design the type of website I want.  I have considered using a web design firm or partnering with web developers for a percentage of the profits.
Which way should I go, design firm or individual designers?  Either way I will need some IT help after the website is developed, but I am having difficulty finding individual web designers to potentially partner with?
I appreciate any help.


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    Hi Loganfox,
    Do you want to do scope work or do you have a monthly budget for developers?
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    Yes, you are correct.  However since I am not in the IT field I really don`t know how to go about finding qualified people to help me develop my website.  Without going into significant detail, my website would need similar functionality as sites like or  I do not know the level complexity that this would involve, however I would expect development to take anywhere from 6 months to a year (let me know if you think I am way off here).  There are a few types of functionality that I want up front and then there are other ideas that I think will need to develop over time based on need/desire from my online community.
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    I assume I will need scope work, but the programming depth is beyond my current expertise.  I don`t have a budget for development because I am still getting quotes from web development firms.  I was hoping to find some programmers that would be willing to work for cheap and accept a share of the business as compensation.
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    Thanks Paula, that is very helpful direction...thanks for taking the time to respond.
    Best regards,
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    I have done a significant amount of research to make sure my type of site doesn`t already exist...and I like to think I have a good idea   Open source is a good idea, I had never considered that, thanks for the help.
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