Is this product OK for QVC?

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Hi all, I just saw that QVC is holding a product search in Chicago April 19th, 2008.  I am thinking that I might wing it and fly out there if I have the ability but am unsure if my highest priced item at $11.98 retail is appropriate?  Tape-Seal is the product
Thanks so much for any insight,


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    I think you should go for it!
  • TapeSealTapeSeal subscriber Posts: 5
    Hi all, I ended up not going.  Mainly because I talked to a company I found here on SUN.  (I don`t know if I can advertise a company so I`ll refrain from posting their info).  Combined they have a long history of having worked directly for QVC so I called them.  I need to get them some samples of Tape-Seal and they will introduce to QVC (hopefully I will get that to them by the end of the week since we need to get some pricing together for shipping).  They were so informative, Nice & down to earth.   Please email me if any of you want their contact information.  I will for sure keep you posted!
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    Hi Tammy,
    Your product sounds awesome. It is something I would use and I know many of my friends would use as well.Please email the company contact info to me. I have a product in prototype stage and would love to talk to someone about it.Thanks so much and good luck
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