How do you greet when you answer the phone?

bejamshibejamshi subscriber Posts: 4
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Hi, hope everyone is having a good summer.What do you say for greetings when you answer the phone?Your company`s name?Your name?


  • newwardnewward subscriber Posts: 0
    My office is in my dining room - so It`s usually hello...
    But always SMILE!  People can tell by the sound of your voice if you`re smiling - I swear it`s true.
  • bejamshibejamshi subscriber Posts: 4
    Like that lady with sleepCanada?  She always smiles when she talks it gets on my nerves soooo much.
  • CopelandCopeland subscriber Posts: 1
    I usually just say "Hello, *company name*." Don`t make it too long of a greeting. Also, the comment about smiling when you talk by newward is a good one - people CAN tell!b
  • SparkleGirlSparkleGirl subscriber Posts: 2
    I usually say "Hi, this is Roshelle with _____, how can I help you?" with a smile in my voice.  You never know who is on the other side.....
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I am with SparkleGirl... Since I AM one of those persons who only use a cell phone and now land line phone, I have found myself saying more than, "Hello."I found that by just saying, "Hello." Callers were a little confused as to whether or not I had answered. Maybe the line takes a second to become clear, so my "hello" might not be well heard. That`s why I lengthened my greeting just a bit and no long have the caller saying, "hello? hello is this Elusive Treasures?"So now what the heck do I say? "Hello, this is vince from Elusive Treasures, how can I help you?" OR when I am a little distracted, I will just say, "Hello, this is vince, how can I help you?"Nevertheless, I try to keep it short, but also friendly and remember to always smile... It really makes a difference in your mindset and the tone of voice you use.
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