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Switching Hair Salons or Stylists, what does it take?

ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2007 in Marketing
So what would it take for you to try a new hair salon or stylist? What type of marketing would you like to see? Free hair cut? Added services? My wife and I are in the process of building out our second salon. We`ll end up closing the current one and plan on moving all the clients over. But that leaves a bunch of new girls that dont have large client lists, so were trying to figure out what the public would find valuable and get them motivated enough to come in. Thakfully our drive by traffic is 1000% better at the new location, so that might help. We also plan on giving each existing client a free new service to try like 30min. massage, etc. If they refuse they get a gift certificate for a friend to get them in.
I know for most women this is a very touchy subject and most simply wouldn`t switch. But still our business must succeed so we must try.
Some background: Our salon is all Aveda, we use all Aveda color, and are expanding from 3 chairs to 10. Were adding 2 pedicure jet-baths, 2 massage rooms and a sunless tanning system, air-brushing make-up as well as aveda make-up, we server wine/beer/soda/tea along with munchies. We also provide a free head, neck, shoulder massage with each hair cut.
So any tips on what would work? Thanks in advance.


  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Hummm, never thought about the New Resident`s coupons, that`s a good one.
  • bookloverbooklover subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    How about party packages.  If you can a get a group in the door to
    get ready for a girls night out I bet you`d get some to come back.
  • prexprex subscriber Posts: 1
    What is your target demographic? This is very important to make effective suggestions. 
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Well for our demographics we cover a pretty large spread, However we want to target professional females/males 21-40 who dont mind spending money to look nice, and want to look nice. They should also enjoy a fun entergetic group and enjoy the fashionable/trendy lifestyle. Aveda products arent cheap so we`re not the bottom dollar kind of place, were actually quite the opposite. That`s why we`ve shunned from free haircut coupons, which really hurts our brand and pisses off the stylists because there not making any money, except for tips. 
    Another good point about groups. But how would you market that? I could see visiting some local bridal shops etc offering and promoting those services. We tried it once, it wasnt very successful, however once is never enough. We did a make-over day where a limo picked you up and your friends in the morning brought you to the salon, we did our "magic" then they went back out in the limo for a night on the town. Problem was that none of the friends came in.
  • bookloverbooklover subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    I`m not sure how to market it, but I bet you could start by offering it
    to the clients you already have.  I was mainly thinking of how you
    could get me to cheat on my stylist.  If I was going out with
    three girlfriends, and one said "hey, let`s meet at my salon, they are
    giving free shampoo/blowdry or style when you get a manicure."  If
    it`s just a blowdry it`s not cheating right?  Well then your
    stylist says, "you know what I would love to do to your hair..." 
    You might get me in bed . . . I mean to book an appointment.
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    The "new resident" idea is a great one.  That`s when individuals are the most panicky and frustrated about where to go.  I moved from Portland to Seattle years ago and for almost 1.5 years still came back to Portland every five to six weeks to get my hair cut.  Finally,  at the recommendation of friends I found someone in Seattle.My mom was a "Welcome Wagon" lady when I was a kid.  The new information packet, filled with discount coupons from local businesses, was a great way to reach new residents to the town.  The relocation departments of major corporations or large business also may be a great way to connecct with people new to the area - as are promotions with real estate offices.A service industry client of mine has a great way of bringing in new business.  She gives all current customers a coupon for a 15% discount on services when someone they have recommended becomes a new customer.  Her business cards have a "referred by" area on the back.  An existing customer can write their name on the back of a business card when handing it off to a potential new client.- J.
  • bookloverbooklover subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    When I really think about it, it`s the knowledge, personality, and
    creativity of the stylist that makes me go to a particular salon. 
    I know that the more clients a stylist has the more money he/she makes,
    but what about offering even more of an incentive for your stylists to
    bring in new people?  Bonuses, or a competition?
  • thefranchiseguythefranchiseguy subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m all about speed and service for a haircut ... and having a friendly person doing the work helps, too. Getting a haircut can be an awkward experience. You`re sitting there, usually with someone you`ve never met, and have anywhere from 10 - 45 minutes to chat. The friendlier and more inviting a person is, the more likely I am to return. So how to you get that message out? I like new mover kits, visiting local businesses with coupons or even try sending your friendliest, most welcoming staff out on the street for a day each month with coupons. Hit up local restaurants, bars, etc and ask people to come by for their next haircut! Here`s 10% off and ask for Sarah, etc. Local marketing can be fun, too.
  • cosmojoecosmojoe subscriber Posts: 0
    i am also a salon owner, been in business for 5 years and moving the end of this month. moving for many reason`s i won`t go into. i have found some very valuable information at the following locations...
    http://www.michaelcoleseminars.com/umat ... html </A> he sells cd`s and training manuels, all worth the investment!
    http://yourbeautynetwork.com</A> this site will allow you to check it out for free, and they have everthing from marketing material, downloadable and printable. if after free trial, you can sign up for a charge. defenitly worth the visit!
    and my favorite:
    he sells cd`s and training manuels.
    some things i have learned... eric fisher says he built his 2 salon`s ,giving away free services to "influentials"( bank presidents wife, mayors wife, high school cheerleaders), explained further in the book.
    i use loyalty cards, has there name & email address on card (so only that person can use the card, the email for marketing) has 10 punch`s, the second one is a free upgrade ( can use for a shampoo, scalp massage, deep cond. mini manicure, etc. something $5-$10 dollar value) makes them give you a second chance incase you wern`t all you could be on there first visit. and the last punch is for free cut. not to include, shampoo, cond. just a basic cut, anything more is extra. the best part is less than 20% cards are redeemed. most get lost. and only one stamp per visit. all this and more in these sites.!
    WELL worth your time to check them out.
    good luck!
    p.s. also would skip the coupons, i did them on the back of my local grocery store receipts, worked great but... once they pay lower price they want that same price all the time, belive it is called perceived value.cosmojoe2007-8-15 0:12:57
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