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I had no knowledge at all about web designing or any other programs supporting webdesign until I started my own business. And with really limited budget, I had no choice but to learn the magic myself. After several days of browsing around, I finally settled on Yahoo because it has this sitebuilder to help illiterate computer program people like me to build a website.
It was such a struggle. I was working for so many hours for the first four days and still went no where. So I did this , and on the fifth day, I deleted all what I did and started all over again and finally after doing all and the best I could, the website was finally published with the domain name of</A>.
Now, , please give me critique. Without critique I would not know how to improve the web more, but at the same time I am also nervous of not knowing how to do any improvement after the critique.


  • LingLing subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Dyen,
    Nice job - It is very professional looking!  The products are very well organized and easy to find.  Good level of detail in the descriptions as well.   
  • DyenDyen subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Ling and ElidS,
    Thanks for the critiques and Elid, you are right. I need to re-write the first page. In this case, I would need an English native speaker to do that.
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    It was ok, but a bit lifeless.  And lifeless is bad image for your business.
    For a business webiste, I`d prefer using a white background to bring the sense of cleanliness.  However, no matter what design colour schemes you pick, eventually it`s about what image you want your business to be portrayed - professional & conservative, professional & fun, etc. - it`s your call.
    I`m not saying I`m an expert at this, but should you need help in designing your website, please send me a message.
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