Painting Addresses on Curbs - Good Idea?

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Going door to door offering to paint their address on their curb for them.
Not very glamorous.  Very menial actually.  But I do believe there is money to be found in it.  Charge $10 a pop and only if you line up 10 to do a day, that`s $100 gross for maybe an hour or two of work.
Just an idea I`m considering here.  What`s everyone think of it?  I know that I would have to check with the city to make sure that no permits or anything like that are required, any other legal stuff I`d have to consider?
Anyone think it`s a dumb idea?  I`m currently working as a pizza delivery man, which explains where the idea came from.  Believe me, if everyone had their address painted on the curb the world would be just a little bit better.  I deliver pizzas, think how much more serious it is for paramedics who have trouble finding the right house.  I don`t know, I think it`d work, but I`d like to hear peoples feedback, suggestions, criticisms.  I`d probably just simply promote it by going door to door or with doorhangers.
Thanks for the feedback!


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