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Hello,We`re working on revamping our outdoor sports gear website, and need a couple slogans to market/present ourselves.We need two slogans:Main Slogan - will state what we sell and offer one benefit (100% guarantee on all gear).My current top ideas are:"Outdoor sports gear you`ll love. We guarantee it!""Outdoor sports gear you`ll love. Guaranteed!""Outdoor sports gear you`ll love. 100% Guaranteed!""Outdoor sports gear you`ll love or your money back."Service Slogan - will present us as a company will great service. I`m the owner, and I do most the customer service myself. Customers get a level of personable service our competitors could never offer them with their phone bank customer service. We need a slogan that really communicates personal, bend-over-backwards-to-help, "hometown business" type service. I want something more vivid than awesome service, because any company can claim that. What I want customers to get is that we offer service like they would expect if they went to Mayberry and walked into a sporting goods store and talked with the clerk behind the counter. Old-fashioned, friendly customer service from the store proprietor.I currently haven`t been able to come up with any very good ideas, though I have some ideas:"Hometown" service no matter where you live!Personal service promiseOld-Fashioned Customer Service.Customer service your grandpa would be proud of.Customer service like your grandpa would love!


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