Any Zencart Veterans?

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I`m in need of some very basic help to get my shopping cart going.  Just something simple.  Zencart came recommended so I went ahead and downloaded it and linked it to me website on Bluehost.  The link can get me to my main page and show my products and their categories--and it ends there.  I just need to know how to activate the rest of the shopping cart:  add to cart, order, payment and so on.  Unfortunately, Zencart has no direct help except for their forum which is extensive and slow.  I`m appealing to anyone here who could help me out so I can finally open up for business.  Thank you!


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    Hi again,
    I sent you a PM with a link to a ZenCart manual that covers how to operate your ZenCart store. That does a good job showing how to add products, pricing, images, etc.
     The following link has a lot of information about setting up and running ZenCart:
    As for payments, you need to know what you are going to use for payment processing if anything. If you are using PayPal, there is a module already included in ZenCart to handle that.
    IF you`re using a different processor, you`ll need to see if it is compatible with ZenCart.
    From your other post - how to add a link to get back to your main site from zencart?
    Depending upon where you want the link to appear, you can add it to a sidebox and/or footer (the code that produces those items).
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