What would you do with $200,000?

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If you could leave your 9-5 job today and had a nest egg of $200,000 built up, what would you do?  It`s not an enormous sum of money but it`s a pretty good start.  How do you overcome the fear of leaving a job you`re successful at to pursue some unknown?


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    I left my 9-5 job 2 years ago with only $25000 nest egg. The story didn`t start and stopped there. Prior to leaving, I have been planning my exit for 3 years.  I amped all of my savings to maximum (401k and personal savings).   Besides the monetary preparations, I had been investing in real estate while I was still working so I can look good on paper for bank financing.  The "salary" and job stability qualified me to take on mortgages as I built a mini real estate empire.With $200,000- I will buy in a big share of a tech start up who is in the midst of beta testing a sure fire technology that will be big in the next few years.By carefully planning and applying myself and educating myself thoroughly, it gave me the confidence to leave my 9-5er job and pursued  all the unknowns.
    Ltressel2007-10-10 16:46:4
  • I had very little next egg when I left my previous job to start my business. If I`d had $200,000 I would have gotten more training, hired a coach right away and spent more on hired help - a VA, graphic designer, web designer and accountant.
    How did I overcome fear? I didn`t. Some days the fear is almost overwhelming.
    On the other hand, I`ve been wanting to be self employed since I was in my 20s. I decided if I didn`t do it now, I`d never do it and I didn`t want to regret not taking the chance. I focus on my long term goals for motivation and focus on small, immediate steps I can take to overcome the fear.
    In the final analysis, it was making the decision that my success or failure would be a direct result of my actions. I`d have no one to blame either way except for me. That freed me up to take the plunge.
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