Free Business Phone Services?

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Does anyone know of any free online phone number services?  I`m looking to basically have an out-of-state phone # that I can use as my business number that will forward to my cell wherever I go.  I don`t need any fancy services right now, just another # I can use for this purpose.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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    You can try this service:  www.craigsnumber.comI`ve never used the service so I can`t speak on it, I just saw it online once and remembered the site when you asked the question.  You can select from a list of area codes (I think you end up with an extension number that needs to be dialed as well).  I`m not sure how long you need the number for, but I think the longest you can have the number for is for 1 month.  Anyway, just thought I`d throw it out there since you were looking for something.
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    Have you checked into SKYPE? It was a free service. Now they charge a nominal fee annually.</A> 
    Their SKYPE unlimited plan is only $29.95 per year. That is close to free!
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    Maybe:Grandcentral.comYuan2007-8-28 4:0:34
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    101voicemail gives one month free service. After that it`s $8.50 /month flat rate unlimited usage. That`s almost a steal considering how much a real business phone system would costs. Be careful of free things usually there`s a big drawback. If you pay for peanuts you usually get peanuts.
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    I use magicJack for Nomad Advertising`s phone provider.  In general people either love it or hate it.  It is a VOIP device that plugs into the USB port on your computer then you plug your phone into it.  I use it and have had no problems at all with it.  The quality is that of a cell phone.  It costs $50 for the first year (that buys you the device and a 1yr subscription) and $20 each year after.  Since our work computer is on all the time, its no problem.
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