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A PR Success story

mymobimindermymobiminder subscriber Posts: 5
edited October 2008 in Public Relations
Hello SuN`ers,
I couldn`t contain my excitement, so I figured I would share a success story.
I always knew that PR was an important part of any marketing plan, but I had always put it at the bottom of the priority list.  However, a few weeks back I heard Rich`s podcast on PR, and I decided to step up my PR efforts.  I sent out press releases like crazy promoting my product.  And sure enough, with each press release I was able to see a small growth in orders.  But that is not the success story. 
Since my product is for iPhone`s specifically, a friend suggested I target media venues that target iPhone users.  (I don`t know why I didn`t think of that)  So I once again sent out my press release and even in a few cases offered to give free samples of my product.
Well to my shock and surprise, one of those sites, a well known mac/apple news website printed a story about my product.  The story went live at 5:10pm today on their homepage.  Since then I have been blessed with a flood of new orders.  I have made more money in just a few hours than I made in 3 months.
So friends, don`t doubt the POWER  of the press release! 
And it just reminds me again why I love this site.  This site helps me keep my priorities straight.  LOL.


  • mymobimindermymobiminder subscriber Posts: 5
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Bill,
    Congratulations! That is wonderful news, and I`m so glad the podcast helped you with your PR efforts. If you have any questions, or need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time!
  • dougmcisaacdougmcisaac subscriber Posts: 0
    Congratulations on your successful PR.
    I like your quote about your friend reminding you to target the right media. Isn`t it funny that we can get too close to our ideas and need someone else to point out the blindingly obvious to us.
  • TheOctopusDotCaTheOctopusDotCa subscriber Posts: 0
    Congratulations!  Also take a don`t forget offline targeted media as well.  Syndicated shows often have tech segments and its great way to get your product on tv as well.
  • ConfirmBizConfirmBiz subscriber Posts: 0
    On my way to the podcast....Congrats!
  • darbyDarnitdarbyDarnit subscriber Posts: 0
    Big congrats Bill. Getting media and online visibility is just the beginning. Be sure to recycle any coverage for SEO and direct marketing purposes.
    You should now post a link from your Web site to any third-party content available online that highlights your product. The publicity helps boost your credibility and the link trackbacks help with search engine rankings.
    Think about creating a section of your Web site specifically geared toward the media - an online newsroom with any news releases, media contacts, story ideas, downloadable graphics and images of you and the product, a bio, and fact sheet on the company and product.
    Showcase any news coverage in e-mail newsletters, marketing packages, etc.
    And use those pieces to pitch broader media outlets. Often trade industry publication or community news coverage can help build a case to broader, larger media outlets that you are worthy of covering for a more general audience.
    Look at social media campaign opportunities as well.
  • SelfAssuredSelfAssured subscriber Posts: 2
    Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing, your story is very inspiring...
    Kristin Potenti
  • ShewsterShewster subscriber Posts: 1
    I know we can never underestimate the power of PR - perhaps more powerful than paid advertising?!  I see that you are involved with a website about animals.  I`m going to send you a separate e-mail regarding this.  Thanks for posting...
  • FreeForYouFreeForYou subscriber Posts: 0
    Wow took a little to get back to you.! Sounds like a good product . The sound Card.  like that came out about three years ago where you put it in the back of your cellar`s user phones.
    It did not seem to make that much difference. How, ever tech is always changing and I would like to investigate a little further as I know there is more user`s of such products which could implement this device being the sound card in there own application.
    looking for more info and possibility of an affiliate
    Carl Romain

    [email protected]
  • HealthylifeHealthylife subscriber Posts: 1
    Yipeeeee!  Nothing like success!!!
  • kiwigalkiwigal subscriber Posts: 0
    Thankyou for sharing, you have alot to be proud of there.!
    Heres to your Success!
  • SandraSSandraS subscriber Posts: 4
    Dear Melanie,
    I need help writing an effective press release article. I had one article written up on my website and myself in my small town newspaper. But I don`t feel it had any punch. I rewrote it and submitted it to a couple other local papers. But I am not happy with what I have written either. I feel like I have writer`s block on how to promote my website service in a newsworthy article.
    Thank you and anyone else who would like to share their idea. I greatly appreciate the help.
    In Health,
  • mymobimindermymobiminder subscriber Posts: 5
    You are right, I have been very busy, but I always try to make time to read the posts.  I`ve be here in spirit.
    I am actually working on some of the SEO stuff that darbyDarnit spoke about.  It`s silly, I have done so much to help other people in the SEO department, and I always forget my own stuff.  LOL.
    To answer your question, I did write my own release, I have always written my own releases.  I don`t have much experience other than writing them for my businesses.  But I worked as a copy writer for a radio station for about 8 years, before getting into my current field.  So sometimes, writing a press release can be like writing a commercial.  You`ve got 60 seconds to sell the product or business, so I work with a less is more approach, never writing more than needed in my releases.
    I also work a 9 to 5, as an Interactive Techinical Director for a cluster of radio stations.  So that plus my now very busy business, I`ve been riding the caffine train. 
    My next steps, for those playing along, is like the many suggestions here say, ...
    1. maximize my success by employing SEO tactics like putting links to press exposure on my "what`s news" section.
    2. hit the facebook/social network path by forging friendships and marketing buddies.
    3. start making a list of targeted venues that I can send my next wave of PR to
    4. take a nap
    5.  consider the best form of advertising to give me the best exposure for the best price, (no point in throwing money away), Adwords , etc.
    Thank you to everyone for your support and I am glad to have inspired so many.  I love being a part of this team.
    And PriorityMediaMatt, send me a message or an e-mail and we`ll see what we can do about a comp.  I believe in free samples, there is no better advertisement than a user that knows the product works.
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