Does this sound normal to many of you?

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Well, where to start?  I`m a newbie here, though I`ve been listening to the Startupnation podcasts for quite a while, and I`ve also read the Startupnation book along with other such books as well.  But anyway, I`m still in the daydreaming phase of starting my own business (I`m not quite sure which direction to go in yet), but without question I want to figure out exactly what I want to do and get it off the ground soon.  I`ve saved quite a bit of money for the venture (about 30k, which doesn`t include 150k in home equity and other savings), I have no debts, and my overall credit is outstanding.  Also, I`m relatively young (late 20`s) with no children and a fiance who shares my passion/vision as well. 
My main problem at this point is not only figuring out exactly what I want to do (I have many interests/ideas at this point), but especially overcoming the fear I have of cutting all ties and going out on my own.  I currently make a very good income at my current job, which I enjoy overall---but I`m simply not passionate about it, mainly due to the fact that I`ve always wanted to own my own business and work for myself.  Overall, I have days where my confidence is high (I feel as if I`m about to achieve a breakthrough), while other days my confidence is quite low (I feel like starting a business and getting it off the ground is a pipe dream, and will never happen.) 
With that being said, does all of this sound normal to any of you?  Are these typical feelings and emotions that I`m going through?  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, and I look forward to talking with many of you in near future.  Thanks.


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    I don`t know how much business experience you have but I would recommend staying gainfully employed until you figure this out. Get a few books on business and perhaps spend some time with small business owners. Most business fail because most people who start businesses are inexperienced. It`s just that simple. You`ll have a much better chance of success if you figure out "what you don`t know" first and spend some time learning. An obsessive focus on learning the fundamentals of business never hurt anyone who was interested in running one of their own.
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    Yes... your concerns are all normal...keep at it!
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    Please don`t despair. We all fight with the monster within us somedays. It`s that voice that say "what if you fail" what if you can`t succeed` and so on. Try to read positive material, stick with like minded people, say no to the critical so called friends and believe in yourself.
    I struggled with my J.O.B. for years before I took the plunge into my own business. And even though I struggle too at times, it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Nothing beats working for yourself and challenging your boundaries. All I can say is
    ---> Go for it mate
    To your Success
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    Bronco,Wow, First I would like to say I am very excited for you. Although, I wish my finances would have looked like yours when I started. I began in the working world book reading phase as well. After several initial ideas fell through, a year later I was still working my day job, wanting to tell someone where to stick it every day. In my rush to commit hara-kiri I came to a realization. In my case I decided that there was a reason why I kept coming back to starting a biz, and that no one was responsible for my happiness but myself. I wasn`t going to be happy until I was on my own.I designed a new tattoo to remind me. I put a skeleton-key on my chest, so everyday, I see it as a reminder to keep myself on track and working towards independance. It has done a good job so far and I officially launched September 4th!In repose, I ended up having to just suck it up and push on, throwing a dollar or two at it as I could and then just racked up my credit card for a "Just in time" purchase of what I needed for my fist client. At least the job paid enough to cover the credit card bills for a month or two. Now I am just trying to keep a positive attitude and find more work! Good news is I haven`t quit my job yet, so I still have a contingency plan!BTW... I forgot to mention. Yes, I was already a tattoo collector before!
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